Exhibition Triantafyllos Vaitsis

The House of Shadow

The exhibition

The House of Shadow in Xanthi, Greece was established to accommodate shadow artworks. It consists of the workshop, a gift shop and the exhibition. The sculptures made from trash, when appropriately lit, produce recognizable shadow forms. The shadows produced intend to represent the objects used, the situations created and the facts in the story.
Vaitsis feels that “…the ‘unpredictable’ shadow of each work of art reflects the effort humans have to make in order to understand whatever troubles us or whatever we take for granted”.
Furthermore he elaborates the thoughts behind his work by saying “…what we look at is always less than that we see. Every object, every situation, every fact has its own dimensions and parameters, which are not visible or easily perceptible. The shape, the size, the color, the texture, the silence, the noise, the tension, the simplicity, the complexity, the brightness and much more are all factors that show and hide messages, thoughts that can indicate ways, reveal new dimensions… I build on these thoughts. I make the visible invisible…to see that which cannot be seen”.

The material

Vaitsis uses various materials but prefers what he can extract from damaged appliances, devices, hard plastic and metal pieces. He sources these from friends and people who support his work.  He transforms trash into art through upcycling and shadow creations. (https://www.behance.net/gallery/Trash-Art/3125429)

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