Ilje Pikaar










Ilje Pikaar received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (2004) and Master of Science in Environmental Technology (2006) from the Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He received his PhD degree in Environmental Engineering in 2012 from The University of Queensland, Australia. Ilje Pikaar is a research in the areas of environmental electrochemistry, the global nitrogen cycle, sewer corrosion, next generation sludge management, metal recovery, integrated urban water management and resource recovery. Central theme in his international oriented research approach is to conduct high-quality research and extrapolate fundamental knowledge and scientific discoveries to real life applications and development of innovative technologies. Importantly, his work in integrated urban water management led to a first author publication in the prestigious journal Science. In 2018, his work on the re-engineering the global nitrogen cycle was awarded the prize of best feature article of 2017 in the esteemed journal Environmental Science and Technology. From 2015-2019, was the secretary of the International Water Association Cluster of Resource Recovery from Water. He became of the co-chair of the cluster in November 2019. Since January 2018, Ilje Pikaar is a member of the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) of the International Waste Working Group (IWWG). In September 2018 he joined the editorial board of Waste Management as an Associate Editor.