Task Groups

The IWWG runs several task groups on a range of topics. The aim of these task groups is to coordinate interdisciplinary research and experience on these topics and discuss and disseminate related results.

In order to join the task groups an IWWG membership is required. Groups typically meet once a year, mostly in the context of an IWWG conference.  The outcome of the scientific work within the groups is disseminated via the official IWWG journals Waste Management and Detritus, in monographs or special publications or presented in the framework of conferences or workshops.

In order to harmonise, coordinate and facilitate the activities of the task groups, the task group leaders nominate chair persons. In March 2021, Jan Slavik (Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Czech Republic, leader of the TG Economics of Waste), Jutta Gutberlet (University of Victoria, Canada, Leader of the TG Informal Recycling) and Pierre Hennebert (French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks - INERIS, leader of the TG WEEE) have have been appointed by the Board as TGs chair and co-chairs.

Jan Slavik
TG's Chair
Jutta Gutberlet
TG's co-Chair
Pierre Hennebert
TG's co-Chair