Maria Cristina Lavagnolo










Maria Cristina Lavagnolo holds a degree in Hydraulic Sanitary Engineering at the Technical University of Milano. She recieves her phD in Environmental Engineering with a dissertation on "Leachate quality and treatment with simple biological units".
At present she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Padova (since 2002) at the Department of Industrial Engineering (DII). She is teaching on "Environmental Sanitary Engineering" - 12 ECTS first level degree in Environmental Engineering, and on "Environmental Projct Work" - 3 ECTS, second level degree in Environmental Engineering.
Member of the following task groups of the University of Padova:
- " Africa Round Table", to promote and support scientific and cultural projects in Africa
- "Teaching for Learning", to promote an interactive learning community and to experience new educational models
- "Environmental sustainability", to promote good enviromental sustainable practices inside the university campus.