Bill Clarke

Director and Remondis Chair,
Centre for Solid Waste Bioprocessing
University of Queensland,

1981 BEng (Civil) UniSA, 1986 MSc Notre Dame (USA), 1993 PhD UQ 1993

Bill Clarke has 20 years of experience as researcher in bioengineering processes for solid organic waste. He has been one of the pioneers in intensive landfill based treatment processes, publishing extensively on leach-bed technology and the solubilisation of solid organic waste. His research group was one of the first to characterise the microbial colonisation and degradation processes for solid organic waste. More recently, his research has broadened to more intensive and higher value adding processes including H2 production and on-site utilisation of organic waste for energy production and biological nutrient removal.

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Centre for Solid Waste Bioprocessing
Schools of Civil and Chemical Engineering
The University of Queensland, Australia
Phone +617 3365 6464
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