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Dr Jutta Gutberlet (University of Victoria, Canada)

With the videos“CATADORAS and CATADORES” and “BEYOND GRAMACHO” we present the very successful work of Dr Jutta Gutberlet from San Paolo, Brazil, where she significantly contributed to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of the informal sector and to the increase of the recovery and utilization of materials from waste. In cooperation with colleagues and the public administration she has made a great impact on the working and living conditions of the Informal Sector. Her work is centred on empowering people through intensive education programmes and on supporting the building of organizational structures, such as the waste pickers cooperatives.
We believe that the ideas behind these projects could be usefully implemented and developed in other parts of the world, especially in other developing countries with similar socio-economic conditions and waste management profiles.

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The Literary Café in Yaounde’

Dr Cristina Lavagnolo of University of Padua, Italy, heads “The Literary Café”, a project which promotes education in waste management in Cameroon. This bottom-up approach aims to empower the community by involving the people themselves and by providing a space in which knowledge on waste management can be shared and cultivated.
We invite you to find out more about this worthy initiative, also presented at the “Sardinia Symposium 2015”, and to consider supporting its full implementation, by following the story below.

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