RUNISRB - Desciption and activities

The IWWG Regional Branch for Russia and New Independent States (IWWG-RUNISRB) has been established at Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU), Russia in December 2015. The main goal of IWWG-RUNISRB is to create a platform for scientific, technical and practical information exchange on waste management among the leading scientific organizations, business representatives and state authorities of Russia,
Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other interested former CIS countries.
Moreover, conferences, courses, and workshops will be organized in the region in order to form a joint information platform and to
create a scientific, educational and consulting center in the field of waste management.
Russian universities from Perm, Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk took part in the branch creation process. In the future, other Universities from Russia and other countries (e.g. Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus) shall be actively involved in the activities of the branch.

The branch is coordinated by Dr. Natalia Sliusar (Associate Professor of Environmental Protection Department at PNRPU) and Prof. Vladimir Korotaev (Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation at PNRPU).

Past activities:

4th International Scientific Conference "From Waste Management to Resource Recovery", December 5-6, 2019, Perm, Russia

At the beginning of December 2019 a large-scale event took place at the Perm National Research Polytechnic University — the IV International Scientific Conference "From Waste Management to Resource Recovery". The conference was traditionally organized by the Department of Environmental Protection of PNRPU, together with the IWWG Regional Branch in Russia and Newly Independent States (IWWG-RUNISRB).
The conference was attended by over 200 participants, including foreign and Russian scientists, students and schoolchildren, representatives of government and the business community. Guests came to Perm from Germany, Austria, Greece and Lithuania, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia and the Perm Territory. 75 oral presentations were made, a poster section, a student reports competition, an extended campaign for the collection of recyclable waste “Recycle It” were held. For the first time, a plastic bottle collecting machine called “Sortomat” developed by Perm scientists was demonstrated to the public. The conference program included a plenary session and seven thematic sessions.
The conference organizers sincerely thank all the participants. We hope that at the next, anniversary 5th conference there will be even more heated discussions, exciting conversations in coffee breaks, ideas about new joint projects, fruitful discussions and public attention.
You are always welcome to Perm!

3rd International Scientific Conference "FROM WASTE MANAGEMENT TO RESOURCE RECOVERY", November 30 – December 1, 2017, Perm, Russia.

For a short report on the conference, click here.

Workshop on Waste Composition and Per Capita Waste Generation Rates, 8th June, 2017 in Moscow, Crocus Expo.

The workshop took place within the framework of the International Exhibition for Waste Management, Recycling Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy – WasteTech-2017. WasteTech is a premier forum covering waste treatment, environmental protection and renewable energy in Russia and neighboring countries.

The audience of the Workshop was mixed, including representatives of authorities, business community, students and university lecturers, in total about twenty people. Thanks to this composition of participants, an interesting discussion has arisen. Many companies have already started working on the analysis of rates of waste generation per capita and waste composition, and identified some gaps in the existing methodology. The shortcomings of the current normative and methodological documents were discussed; the participants of the Workshop shared their experience on the possibilities of filling the identified gaps. Foreign participants of the Workshop spoke about their experience in this field; e.g., it was mentioned that in Germany the study of the waste composition is used among other things to assess the effectiveness of the separate waste collection system.

2nd International Conference "From Waste Management to Resource Recovery", December 1-2, 2015, Perm, Russia.

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