Raffaele Colombi, M.Sc.

Eißendorfer Str. 40, Building N, Room 1.082

Telephone +49 40 42878-3293

E-Mail: Raffaele Colombi, M.Sc.


Generation of energy and vorticity production by surface waves through two-dimensional turbulence


The energy transfer process in quasi-2D turbulent flows that develop on the surface of Faraday waves is investigated with laser techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry and Particle Tracking Velocimetry.

Additionally, the interactions of the surface layer with the flow beneath the surface are studied: how does the vertical movement of the waves generate vorticity in the horizontal plane? What kind of velocity profiles and flow structures develop below the surface?" 


Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Transport Processes, divided in Multiphase Flows and Heat and Mass Transfer in Process Engineering
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics in Process Engineering

Supervised Theses

  • "Experimental Investigation of Mixing and Transport in two-dimensional Turbulence via Particle Image Velocimetry", Janina Tenhaus, Master thesis, 2020



  • Colombi, R.; Rohde, N.; Schlüter, M.; von Kameke, A. (2022). Coexistence of Inverse and Direct Energy Cascades in Faraday Waves. fluids. 7. (148), [Abstract] [doi] [www]


  • Colombi, R.; Schlüter, M.; Kameke, A.v.; (2020). Three Dimensional Flows Beneath a Thin Layer of 2D turbulence Induced by Faraday Waves. Experiments in Fluids. 62. (8), [Abstract] [doi]