Prof. Dr. Koichi Terasaka

Dr. Koichi Terasaka is Professor for Chemical Engineering at the Department of Applied Chemistry at Keio University in Japan. He studies various phenomena and functions of fine bubbles, such as microbubbles and ultrafine bubbles, and develops their applications and international standardisation. In particular, food production processes, functional materials, waste water treatment and energy saving technology using microbubbles, and novel cleaning technology using ultrafine bubbles are being studied. Terasaka promotes the experimental and theoretical study to realise useful processes and novel materials by fine bubble technology.

During his sabbatical at the Institute of Multiphase Flows (IMS) from September 2016 to March 2017, Prof. Terasaka worked on the generation process of microbubbles to further understand the transport processes between microbubbles and the continuous phase. Since 2017, Prof. Terasaka is a DFG Mercator Fellow in a joint project on fine bubbles of Prof. Liese and Prof. Schlüter. A strong collaboration and exchange have been established between Keio University and the Hamburg University of Technology, resulting in a number of students visiting Japan or Hamburg in recent years.