Fundamental Research

Main Field of Research:

  • Enhancement of mass transfer in multiphase flows
  • Design & scale up of multiphase reactors
    • Experimental analysis of crucial model parameters in bubble columns under industrial conditions (BMBF-Coordinated Project “Multi-Phase”)
    • Design and scale-up strategies for bio fermenters (Research Center “Integrated Biotechnology and Process Engineering”)
    • Liquids with tailored rheology for the substitution of process media to enable optical measure-ments (various industrial partners)

  • Controlling Multiphase Flows for Process Safety
    • Experimental investigation of the dispersion and propagation of crude oil at deep-sea blowouts (Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative “C-IMAGE” (Center for integrated Modeling and Analysis of the Gulf Ecosystem )
    • Characterization and prevention of vortices at centrifugal pump intakes (BMBF-Coordinated Project “SAVE”)
    • Characterization and prevention of condensation-induced water hammer (BMBF-Coordinated Project “CIWA”)