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Active participation of the Institute of Multiphase Flows at the workshop of the research focus "Integrated Biotechnology and Process Engineering".

At the workshop of the research focus "Integrated Biotechnology and Process Technology" on 28.11.2019, the IMS was represented with two posters by Claas Spille and Jürgen Fitschen as well as a lecture by Daniel Niehaus.

<link>Claas Spille presented his poster on the potential of periodically open cell structures (POCS) in chemical and biochemical synthesis processes.


<link>Jürgen Fitschen presented his research on the local influence of local flow structures on the mixing behaviour of stirred tank reactors up to 12 000 L.


<link>Daniel Niehaus presents the progress of the research group B of the Protein Pressure stability impact (Prot P.S.I.) at the workshop.


The research group B within Prot P.S.I. deals with the design of a shear force minimized high pressure reactor for enzymatic reactions. In addition to this, it is also the aim of the research group to develop and establish a corresponding online and insitu measuring technique to monitor the enzymatic reaction within the reactor. Besides the Institute for Multiphase Flow, the research group B also includes the <link https: itb>Institute for Technical Biocatalysis and <link https: de>PreSense Precision Sensing GmbH.