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Dr. Alexandra von Kameke supports Pink:Mint

During a speed dating on 5 November, young women were able to ask Dr. Alexandra von Kameke from the Institute of Multiphase Flows questions about her everyday live as a scientists. The Speeddating was organized in the context of the Pink:Mint program.

Women have made many groundbreaking discoveries in science. Some of the best-known names on a long list of women scientists are among others: Marie Curie, Lise Meitner, Rosalind Franklin or Nettie Stevens.
<link https:>Mint:Pink offers young women the opportunity to get to know the most diverse areas of the natural sciences and the everyday life of a scientist. This is intended to arouse women's interest in a career in the natural sciences.
In a speed dating round on November 5, young women were also able to ask <link>Dr. Alexandra von Kameke from the Institute for Multiphase Currents questions about a scientist's everyday life.


Pink:Mint will also allow young women to get an insight into science in the <link https: termine-2020>coming year.