Institut IMS - Nachrichten

12th ECCE - European Congress of Chemical Engineering in Florence/ Italy on September 15-19, 2019

Members of the IMS team attending the 12th ECCE - European Congress of Chemical Engineering in Florence/Italy on September 15-19, 2019. As part of a sophisticated program Prof. Michael Schlüter will give a lecture on the subject "Investigation of reactive mass transfer processes at single rising gas bubbles by means of Time-Resolved Scanning Laser-Induced Fluorescence" and Jürgen Fitschen will cover the subject "Visualization of Mixing Performance and Measurement of Power Input in Aerated Stirred Tank Reactors on a lab and industrial scale". Simon Matthes will give a lecture on "Influence of microbubble aeration on hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a lab scaled Stirred Tank Reactor" and Simeon Pesch will cover the subject of "Investigating Deep-Sea Oil Spills – Transfer of Engineering Methods to an Environmental Issue in Experiments and Modeling".

Labiba Ahmed presents her master thesis

On August 2, 2019 Labiba Ahmed will present her master thesis with the title "Temporal structure and evolution of the interscale energy flux in turbulent pipe flow." Prof. Michael Schlüter is as examiner appointed and Prof. Claus Wagner of DLR, TU Ilmenau worked in closed cooperation with Ms Ahmed on this thesis.

Jahrestreffen des DFG SPP 1740 im September 2019 in Hamburg

Das Jahrestreffen des DFG SPP 1740 "Reaktive Blasenströmungen" findet am 26./27. September 2019 hier in Hamburg statt. Aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse der Mitgliedsinstitutionen werden auf dem Treffen präsentiert und ausgewertet.

Angela Moreno Suarez presents her master thesis

Ms Angela Moreno Suarez is working on her master thesis. Dr. Alexandra von Kameke is working closely with her as her supervisor. Ms Moreno Suarez will present her thesis on September 23, 2019.