The IMS is part of the school of Process and Chemical Engineering. It offers a broad range of courses in the field of Fluid Mechanics and related subjects. Courses are held in German and English.


Undergraduate Courses
Graduate Courses
    • Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
    • Exercise: Fluid Mechanics for Process Engineering
  1. Measurement Methods in Process Engineering
    • Incl. Practical Training
  2. Fundamentals of Process Engineering
    • Fundamentals of Material Engineering
    • Introduction into Process Engineering / Bioprocess Engineering
  3. Fundamentals of Technical Drawing 
    • incl. Exercise
  4. Construction and Apparatus Engineering
    • incl. Exercise
  1. Fluid Mechanics in Process Engineering
    • Fluid Mechanics II
    • Applications of Fluid Mechanics in Process Engineering
  2. Transport Processes
    • Heat and Mass Transfer
    • Multiphase Flows
    • PBL: Reactor Design using Local Transport Processes
  3. Computational Fluid Dynamics in Process Engineering
    • incl. Exercises in OpenFOAM®




Theses at IMS
Advanced Training for Engineers

We are offering interesting research projects as well as for Bachelor and Master thesis.

Please contact us for further informations 

or contact directly our doctoral researchers, if you are interested in a specific project.

  1. "Bioprocesses made transparent"