Thermal sensors for improved process control in powder metallurgical manufacturing processes - Thesis



The goal of the Thesis project is to develop a solution for current problems of process control and monitoring in powder metallurgical manufacturing processes by using the C-Therm MTPS thermosensor.

Within the scope of the project, those correlations will be investigated and evaluated in order to characterize the powder and feedstock through measurement of the thermal effusivity and thermal diffusivity coefficient for the process and thus to develop a simple and fast process control and monitoring system. The key factor for the final product is for example the solids concentration. The less solid particles in the green compact or powder bed, the higher is the shrinkage of the component in the subsequent process. The chemical composition of the powder can also have an influence on the final product. The alloying elements change the temperature at which a solid-state phase transformation takes place. This can mean that the temperatures of the subsequent processes have to be adjusted to achieve an final product of the same size. In addition to the component size, other quality characteristics can also differ with a change in the starting material, such as the roughness or surface gloss of the components.

Moreover, a correlation between thermal properties of components and their quality characteristics is established in order to identify deviating components early and in a non-destructive way. Additionally, the use of the sensor technology as implemented in-situ process control is evaluated within this project. For the application of this technology as an in-situ sensor a new sensor technology is being developed at C-Therm. This new developed sensor technology will be designed for the use in high temperature and pressure ranges, which are common in AM (Additive Manufacturing) and MIM (Metal Injection Molding) systems.

Duration: 01.11.2019 - 31.10.2021

Staff member in charge: Bastian Bossen

Funding programme: ZIM International

Project management agency: German Federation of Industrial Research Associations - AiF

Project partners:

  • Element 22 GmbH
  • C-Therm
Funded by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy