Part II - Summary of Results

  • A series of cavitation experiments have been carried out.
  • Simultaneous high-speed digital video recordings with synchronized surface pressure measurements have been made to document the cavitation on an NACA 0015 foil.
  • Even though the pressure sensor has been exposed to the most erosive cavitation region, valuable measurements have been recorded.
  • Several incidents of cavitation imploding right on top of the transducer have been captured.
  • Videos and pressure signals are provided on an accompanying DVD.

 NACA0015 foil with the pressure sensor (from above).

Report Part II

Report_K50-10 (PDF, 2.5MB)


Videos and Records of Measured Data

You can find a list of all test runs here.


A data dvd with the videos and records of the measured data is freely avaible. Please send an E-mail request.