Sebastian Lindner Research Fellow
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Sebastian Lindner


Sebastian Lindner received his B.Sc. in Applied Computer Science at the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen in 2014. He focused on Neuro- and Bioinformatics, and on the topics of alignment-free DNA and protein sequence analysis in particular. Helping in the lab of Prof. Morgenstern he contributed to several publications in the field, and wrote his Bachelor's thesis on "Clustering metagenomic reads using spaced k-mers".

In 2015 he moved to Hamburg to pursue his Master's degree in Computer Science at the Hambuer University of Technology. Here he specialized in Communication Networks, and in 2018 received his M.Sc. with distinction for his thesis on "Game theory applied to device-to-device resource scheduling".

Since 2018 he is working as a research fellow and Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Communication Networks (ComNets) at the Hamburg University of Technology. His research interests include the application of Game Theory and Machine Learning to wireless communication networks, with a focus on aeronautical communication.

Research Topics

  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Machine Learning, Game Theory, Optimization
  • Air-to-air communication systems

Research Projects

  • Online blackbox in aircraft communication (REKOTRANS)
  • Digital air-to-air communication system (IntAirNet)
  • Machine Learning in Aeronautical Communications (I³)


  • Analysis and Structure of Communication Networks
  • Simulation and Modeling of Communication Networks
  • Traffic Engineering