Completed Student Projects and Studienarbeiten

# Project Type Thesis Title Supervisor Submission Date
1 Project work Design and Implementation of a Distributed Traffic Traces Collection and Management Framework for the Teagle Resource Federation Platform Fokus/ Timm-Giel June 2010
2 Project work An enhanced LTE-Uu interface model implementation using OMNET++ Ming Li June 2011
3 Project work Implementation and Evaluation of a hybrid Routing Protocol for Life-Net in Fire Fighting Chunlei An June 2011
4 Project work Performance in wireless ad hoc networks Yunqi Luo January 2012
5 Project work Analysis of the Impact of Handover Procedure on Real-Time Video Streaming Yunqi Luo June 2012
6 Project work Evaluation of a Hybrid Adaptive Routing Algorithm using Simulations Chunlei An October 2012
7 Project work Network planning for stochastic traffic demands using genetic algorithm Phuong Nga Tran January 2013
8 Project work Pipelining mechanisms for Content Centric Networking Jonas Eymann April 2013
9 Project work Performance Evaluation of AODV in OMNeT++ Chunlei An January 2013
10 Project work Radio Resource Assignment for LTE-Advanced Maciej Mühleisen June 2013
11 Project work Modeling of Interference for LTE networks in OPNET Ming Li July 2013
12 Project work A stochastic Network Calculus Approach for dimensioning of aggregated links with on-off sources Phuong Nga Tran October 2013
13 Project work Characterization of Packet Reordering for Content Centric Networking Jonas Eymann October 2013
14 Project work Implementation and Evaluation of a Group Mobility Model in OMNeT++ Chunlei An January 2014
15 Project work Modeling Aircraft Traffic using Discrete Time Markov Chains Christoph Petersen March 2014
16 Project work Aircraft Mobility Modeling Christoph Petersen April 2016
17 Project work Reliable Multipath Routing Leo Krüger April 2016
18 Project work IEEE 802.19.4 Measurment Maciej Mühleisen June 2016
19 Research Project and Seminar Time Synchronization in TDMA-based Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks Leo Krüger January 2017
20 Research Project and Seminar Implementation and Evaluation of D2D Scheduling Algorithmus in LTE using OMNET++ Raphael Elsner June 2017
21 Research Project and Seminar Analytical Model for Link and Path Lifetime in Aircraft Ad-Hoc Networks Christoph Petersen June 2017
22 Research Project and Seminar Demand Adaptive Orchestration of Caches as an Example for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Maciej Mühleisen/ Phuong Nga Tran / Andreas Timm-Giel April 2017
23 Research Project and Seminar Contact Probabilities in Opportunistic Networks considering Human Movement Patterns Zeynep Vatandas May 2017
24 Research Project and Seminar Performance Analysis of Resource Schedulers for D2D Communications Raphael Elsner/ Koojana Kuladinithi November 2017
25 Research Project and Seminar Modelling Delay in Wireless Sensor Networks with Random Topologies Leo Krüger March 2018
26 Project work Performance Guarantees using Wighted Fair Queueing Scheduling and Leaky Bucket Traffic Shaping René Steinrücken April 2018
27 Research Project and Seminar Investigation of Air-to-Air Link and Path Probability over the North Atlantic Corridor Christoph Petersen February 2018
28 Research Project and Seminar Validation of IEEE 802.15.4e Wireless Sensor Networks Zeynep Vatandas March 2018
29 Project work Entwicklung eines Surrogat Modells zur Optimierung der Produktfamilienkonfiguartion mittels ANNS Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel May 2018
30 Research Project Evaluation of Unicast and Broadcast for RRS in Opportunistic Networks Zeynep Vatandas June 2018
31 Research Project Performance Evaluation of TSCH in Cooja Simulator Koojana Kuladinithi May 2018
32 Research Project and Seminar Sensor Data Filtering for Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in Autonomous Vehicular Platooning Daniel Plöger/ Timm-Giel November 2018
33 Research Project and Seminar Evaluation of Optimal Resource Scheduling for LTE-Based Device-to-Device Communication using Simulations Raphael Elsner/ Timm-Giel January 2019
34 Research Project Traffic Engineering in Software Defined Networking using Neural Networks Phuong Nga Tran/ Timm-Giel January 2019
35 Research Project and Seminar Evaluation of Ad-hoc on-demand multi-path Distance Vector Routing (AOMDV) Protocol Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel February 2019
36 Research Project and Seminar Modeling and Simulation of Resource Sharing for Distributed edge Computing Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel February 2019
37 Research Project and Seminar Evaluation of Data Disssemination Considering Caches In Opportunistic Networks Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel April 2019
38 Research Project Simulating Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Multichannel Access in Wireless Networks Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel June 2019
39 Research Project and Seminar Estimation of Distance in Autonomous Vehicluar Platoons using Kalman Filters Daniel Plöger/ Timm-Giel August 2019
40 Research Project and Seminar Measurement based Coordinated Channel Allocation in Wireless Networks Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel August 2019
41 Research Project and Seminar Evaluation of Different Medium Access Schemes for vehicle-to-vehicle Communication Daniel Plöger/ Timm-Giel August 2019
42 Research Project and Seminar Dynamic Placement of Virtual Network Functions Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel July 2019
43 Research Project and Seminar Power and Performance Analysis of Virtual Resources using Kubernetes Resource Management Humaira Abdul Salam/ Timm-Giel October 2019
44 Research Project Data Transmission Efficiency in Epidemic Routing an Randomized Rumow Spreading Zeynep Vatandas/ Timm-Giel October 2019
45 Research Project and Seminar Implementation and Evaluation of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) Strategies in Robotic Vehicles Daniel Plöger/ Timm-Giel October 2019
46 Research Project Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks Strategies for Spectrum Sensing and Channel quality Estimation Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel January 2020
47 Research Project and Seminar Evaluation of WAIC Scenarios in Simulation Daniel Plöger/ Timm-Giel May 2020