Completed Master Theses and Diplomarbeiten

# Project Type Thesis Title Supervisor Submission Date
1 Diplomarbeit Systementwurf für hochratige Datenkommunikation im Umfeld eines induktiven Energieübertragungssystems (Hybrid-Transmitter-System) Airbus / Jonas Eymann December 2010
2 Master Thesis Future Internet: Analysis of Content-Centric Networking Using a Simulation Environment Jonas Eymann December 2010
3 Master Thesis Future Internet: Implementation of Content Centric Networking of Dynamic Topologies Jonas Eymann December 2010
4 Master Thesis Design and Implementation of a Flexible Platform-Independent Elasticity Management System of Cloud-based Services Fokus / Timm-Giel September 2011
5 Master Thesis Simulative Evaluation of Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network Protocols VW Research / Timm-Giel September 2011
6 Diplomarbeit Load Balancing and Network Vertualization in LTE Ming Li October 2011
7 Master Thesis Mapping of Virtual Networks to Physical Infrastructures considering Reconfiguration for the Future Internet Phuong Nga Tran December 2011
8 Master Thesis Multi-Domain-Communicaton with dedicated data flow separation Airbus / Timm-Giel October 2012
9 Master Thesis Evaluation of Wireless Communication Systems for Flight Data Transmission Timm-Giel October 2012
10 Master Thesis Simulation of the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks RPL Chunlei An October 2012
11 Master Thesis Localization of mobile objects in aircraft cabins Airbus / Timm-Giel October 2012
12 Diplomarbeit Evaluating the Quality-of-Service in Provider Networks using Stochastic Network Calculus Phuong Nga Tran November 2012
13 Master Thesis Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Routing for a Content Centric Networking Simulator Jonas Eymann February 2013
14 Master Thesis Investigation of Video Quality under Different Network Conditions Phuong Nga Tran February 2013
15 Master Thesis Analysis of Communication Protocols for Aircraft Component Maintenance Maciej Mühleisen March 2013
16 Diplomarbeit Entwicklung eines Testkonzeptes für einen Electrical Backup Hydrostatic Actuator Timm-Giel March 2013
17 Master Thesis Mobility in Wireless Networks: Handover Decision Using HMM For Mobility Prediction Yunqi Luo April 2013
18 Master Thesis Media Independent Geo-casting for Co-operatative Intelligent Transport Systems Using ETSI ITS-G5 and LTE Chunlei An April 2013
19 Diplomarbeit Resourse Management in LTE Maciej Mühleisen July 2013
20 Master Thesis CAN Communication Using an Ethernet Aircraft Cabin Network Maciej Mühleisen November 2013
21 Master Thesis Performance Evaluation of Satellite Communications for Flight Data Transmission Christoph Petersen November 2013
22 Master Thesis Utilility-based Radio Resource Management in LTE Networks Ming Li November 2013
23 Master Thesis Resource Allocation and Power Coordination in LTE Downlink Ming Li November 2013
24 Master Thesis Air-to-Air Communication Using the LTE Radio Interface Christoph Petersen May 2014
25 Diplomarbeit Simulative Evaluation of Inmarsat-4 for Continuous Flight Data Transmission Maciej Mühleisen June 2014
26 Master Thesis Evaluation of the Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks Martin Ringwelski June 2014
27 Master Thesis Modeling of Aircraft Component Communication to Develop Maciej Mühleisen/ Leo Krüger June 2014
28 Master Thesis Delay Evaluation of Avionic Communication using Signal Flow Graphs Maciej Mühleisen/ Christoph Petersen June 2014
29 Master Thesis Analysis of the CAN-Bus Protocol for Aircraft component Maintenance Maciej Mühleisen October 2014
30 Master Thesis Optimization of an Aircraft Network Protocol Stack Implemented in Virtual Machines Maciej Mühleisen November 2014
31 Master Thesis Utility Based Radio Resource Allocation in LTE Considering Transport Network Limitations Ming Li January 2015
32 Master Thesis Base Station Supported Optimal Scheduling for D2D Communication in LTE-Advanced Raphael Elsner March 2015
33 Master Theses Resource Discovery in Wireless Sensor Networks for Service Handover Decision Martin Ringwelski March 2015
34 Master Thesis Latency Optimization of an Automotive Ethernet Network Based on the AUTOSAR Socket Adapter Maciej Mühleisen May 2015
35 Master Thesis Evaluation and Implementation of a Network Performance Measurement Tool for Analyzing Network Performance under heavy Workloads Timm-Giel May 2015
36 Master Thesis Design of a Vehicular Speed Advisory System and its Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Leo Krüger June 2015
37 Master Thesis Development of an Event Driven Data Readout Strategy for a Multi-channel Sensor System Timm-Giel July 2015
38 Master Thesis Modeling and Testing Mechatronic Components using SDL and TTCN-3 Leo Krüger/ René Steinrücken August 2015
39 Master Thesis Automated Derivation of Configurations from Architectural Data for Integrated Modular Avionics Maciej Mühleisen June 2015
40 Master Thesis Localization of Smartphones and Wearables in Aircraft Cabins Maciej Mühleisen September 2015
41 Master Thesis Low Power Solar Energy Harvesting for Bluetooth Smart IoT Applications Timm-Giel June 2015
42 Diplomarbeit Evaluation of Uplink Performance in LTE-Advanced Using Device-to-Device Relaying Raphael Elsner October 2015
43 Master Thesis Development and Implementation of Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for non-volatile Static Random Access Memory (nvSRAM) upto 104 MHz Timm-Giel February 2016
44 Master Thesis Scheduling Algorithms for Wireless Avionics Intra-Communication Networks based on ISA100.11a Leo Krüger/ Maciej Mühleisen January 2016
45 Master Thesis Interference Mitigation in Wireless Avionics Intra-Communication Networks based on ISA100.11a Leo Krüger/ Maciej Mühleisen January 2016
46 Master Thesis Design and Implementation of an Interleaver for GS/s High Speed ADC Timm-Giel April 2016
47 Master Thesis Coexistence of Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications Networks Leo Krüger/ Maciej Mühleisen September 2016
48 Master Thesis Optimal Placementof Network Function Virtualization withTraffic Dependent Resource Requirements Maciej Mühleisen/ Timm-Giel April 2017
49 Master Thesis Robust Communication for Control of Robotic Vehicle Platooning Leo Krüger August 2017
50 Master Thesis Effects of Incomplete Channel State Information on Device-to-Device Communication in LTE-Advanced Raphael Elsner June 2017
51 Master Thesis Sensor based localization in aircraft cabins Vanessa Eichhorn October 2017
52 Master Thesis Multipath Routing for Reliable Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks Leo Krüger December 2017
53 Master Thesis Resource Allocation using Heuristics for Autonomous D2D Communications Raphael Elsner January 2018
54 Master Thesis Enhance Opportunistic Networks with ICN Algorithms Koojana Kuladinithi March 2018
55 Master Thesis Game theory Applied to Device-to-Device Resource Scheduling Raphael Elsner March 2018
59 Master Thesis Evaluation of Priority-based Data Dissemination in Opporturnistic Networks Zeynep Vatandas February 2018
60 Master Thesis Improving Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks through Interference-Adaptive TSCH Cell Assignment Leo Krüger July 2018
61 Master Thesis Link Duration dependent Routing in LTE-based Aicraft Ad-hoc Networks Christoph Petersen July 2018
62 Master Thesis A Robust Communication System for an Aicraft Cabin with Strict Delay Requirement Daniel Plöger October 2018
63 Master Thesis Performance Modeling and Evaluation of LTE-based Air-to-Ground Gateways Christoph Petersen October 2018
64 Master Thesis Using Signal Flow Graphs for Modelling Avionic Multi-Hop LTE-based Communication Christoph Petersen November 2018
65 Master Thesis Coordinated Resource Allocation in High-Density Platooning Handover in 5G-Enhanced V2X Systems NSN /Daniel Plöger / Timm-Giel December 2018
66 Master Thesis Delay Analysis for IEEE 802.15.4e Time slotted Channel Hopping Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel January 2019
67 Master Thesis Modelling of automated guided vehicle (AGV) based applications for evaluating the communication network performance Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel February 2019
68 Master Thesis Modelling of Data dissemination time Considering cluster effect in Opportunistic networks Zeynep Vatandas/ Timm-Giel February 2019
69 Master Thesis Machine learning-based Resource Allocation in 5G CRAN Systems KTH/ Timm-Giel April 2019
70 Master Thesis Resource Allocation in 5G based D2D Communication using Neural Networks Phuong Nga Tran/ Timm-Giel May 2019
71 Master Thesis Data Aquisition for Usability Verification in nice HD LHT/ Timm-Giel June 2019
72 Master Thesis Adaptive distributed cell allocation in Wireless sensor networks using IEEE 802.15.4e Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel July 2019
74 Master Thesis Evaluation of the impact of communication network impairments on control performance of autonomous platoons using simulations Daneil Plöger/ Timm-Giel August 2019
75 Master Thesis Modelling of Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks using Boradcast Transmissions Zeynep Vatandas/ Timm-Giel September 2019
76 Master Thesis Deep-learning based Routing Framework for decentralized Software Defined Network Phuong Nga Tran/ Timm-Giel September 2019
77 Master Thesis Simulation-based evaluation of clustering algorithms in mobile ad-hoc networks Raphael Elsner / Timm-Giel November 2019
78 Master Thesis Performance Evaluation of a Wireless On-Board Avionics Network Leo Krüger / Timm-Giel November 2019
79 Master Thesis Evaluation of Link Duration based Multi-Hop Routing for Aircraft-to-Aircraft Communication using Multiscala Simulation Christoph Petersen / Timm-Giel December 2019
80 Master Thesis Joint Optimization of Edge Server Placement and Network Planning for Mobile Edge Computing Koojana Kuladinithi / Timm-Giel December 2019
81 Master Thesis Predictive resource allocation in shared spectrum radio systems Sebastian Lindner / Timm-Giel December 2019
82 Master Thesis Evaluation of Wireless Real-Time Audio Communication for Firefighter Koojana Kuladinithi / Timm-Giel December 2019
83 Master Thesis QoS-aware End-to-end Scheduling in TSCH-based Wireless Sensor Networks Leo Krüger / Timm-Giel February 2020
84 Master Thesis Performance Evaluation of Wireless Communications for Seismic Data Acquisition Koojana Kuladinithi / Timm-Giel May 2020
85 Master Thesis Performance Evaluation of Multipath Ad-hoc Routing over TSCH Networks Koojana Kuladinithi / Timm-Giel May 2020