Completed Bachelor Theses

# Project Type Thesis Title Supervisor Submission Date
1 Bachelor Thesis Estimation of the Relative Positon in Wireless Sensor Networks using Received Signal Strength Chunlei An June 2010
2 Bachelor Thesis Test and Verification of a Contactless Energy and Data Transmission System Airbus/ Timm-Giel July 2010
3 Bachelor Thesis Test and Verification of a System to determine the Position of Seats in an Aircraft Cabin Airbus/ Timm-Giel July 2010
4 Bachelor Thesis Improvement of a Beacon Based Routing Scheme and Performance Evaluation in TOSSIM Chunlei An April 2011
5 Bachelor Thesis Evaluation of QoE for Real-Time Multimedia Streaming Applications Yunqi Luo May 2011
6 Bachelor Thesis Modeling and performance evaluation of a campus network Jonas Eymann July 2011
7 Bachelor Thesis Automated Control of the Communication between the A 380 "Cabin Intercommunication Data System" and a simulated emergency lighting system Airbus/ Timm-Giel September 2011
8 Bachelor Thesis Reliable and fast transmission of multimedia data to an air cabin media server Airbus/ Timm-Giel September 2011
9 Bachelor Thesis Analysis of failure risks for an automated TV direction system NDR/ Kreft September 2011
10 Bachelor Thesis An Alarmsystem for Museums Using Wireless Sensor Networks DRS/ Timm-Giel November 2011
11 Bachelor Thesis Developing A Dimensioning Model of Aggregated Links in Provider Networks Phuong Nga Tran July 2012
12 Bachelor Thesis Design and Implementation of a Mobile Diagnosis System for Aircraft Applications Airbus/ Timm-Giel October 2012
13 Bachelor Thesis Modeling and Automatic Testing of Aircraft Components Leo Krüger August 2013
14 Bachelor Thesis Radio Channel Models for Avionic Satellite Communication Christoph Petersen August 2013
15 Bachelor Thesis Mobility Models for Avionic Satellite Communication Christoph Petersen August 2013
16 Bachelor Thesis HD-Videostreaming in der Flugzeugkabine mit einem Embedded-Client Maciej Mühleisen September 2013
17 Bachelor Thesis Evaluation of Handover Prediction using Realistic Radio Channel Models Yunqi Luo March 2014
18 Bachelor Thesis Optimizing Resource Assignments in LTE using Heuristic Algorithms Raphael Elsner March 2014
19 Bachelor Thesis Optimization of Software Defined Networks Considering Dynamic Traffic Demands Phuong Nga Tran May 2014
20 Bachelor Thesis Traffic Generator for GSM-Telephony in the Aircraft Cabin Maciej Mühleisen September 2014
21 Bachelor Thesis Speech recognition in aircraft cabins Maciej Mühleisen September 2014
22 Bachelor Thesis Kommunikationsarchitektur eines Patienten Monitoring Systems: Bewertung der Fehlersicherheit Martin Ringwelski September 2014
23 Bachelor Thesis Software Defined Networks Energy Efficient Heuristic Routing Phuong Nga Tran October 2014
24 Bachelor Thesis Uplink Radio Resource Allocation in LTE-A for Device-to-Device and Cellular Users Raphael Elsner December 2014
25 Bachelor Thesis Comparison of Model- and Reference-based Assessment of Speech Quality Maciej Mühleisen March 2015
26 Bachelor Thesis Experimental Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Network Reliability for Patient Monitoring Leo Krüger May 2015
27 Bachelor Thesis Analysis and Validation of Flight Data Records Christoph Petersen/ Maciej Mühleisen June 2015
28 Bachelor Thesis Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Communication Maciej Mühleisen May 2015
29 Bachelor Thesis Implementierung einer Firmware für ein IEEE 802.15.4 Funkmodul zur Leistungsbewertung Maciej Mühleisen July 2015
30 Bachelor Thesis Wireless Handset in the Aircraft Cabin Maciej Mühleisen June 2015
31 Bachelor Thesis Game Theoretic Approaches for Resource Allocation in LTE Device-to-Device Communication Raphael Elsner June 2015
32 Bachelor Thesis Aufbau und Evaluation eines Datenübertragungssystems zur Projektion von dynamischen Inhalten in einer Flugzeugkabine Maciej Mühleisen July 2015
33 Bachelor Thesis Automatisierte Lokalisierung eines Brennkammerbauteils auf der Basis von 3D-Messdaten Maciej Mühleisen January 2016
34 Bachelor Thesis Brownfield Optimization of Power Consumption for SDN Networks Babak Mehrabi/ Maciej Mühleisen January 2016
35 Bachelor Thesis Estimation of Quality of Service Parameters with limited Network State Information René Steinrücken March 2016
36 Bachelor Thesis Modeling of Aircraft Densities for Air-to-X Communication Christoph Petersen April 2016
37 Bachelor Thesis Design and Evaluation of a Data Aggregator for the CAN Bus Maciej Mühleisen July 2016
38 Bachelor Thesis Evaluierung von aggregiertem Datenverkehr in Schiffnetzwerken René Steinrücken July 2016
39 Bachelor Thesis Emulation of Satellite Communication Links using GNU-Radio Vanessa Eichhorn May 2016
40 Bachelor Thesis Evaluation von Network Coding für korrelierte Paketverluste Vanessa Eichhorn August 2016
41 Bachelor Thesis Modeling and Experimental Performance Evaluation of Switched Ethernet René Steinrücken July 2016
42 Bachelor Thesis Modeling Connectivity in Wireless Sensor Networks using Random Geometric Graphs Leo Krüger April 2016
43 Bachelor Thesis Demand-Adapted Cache Placement as an Example for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Phuong Nga Tran/ Maciej Mühleisen September 2016
44 Bachelor Thesis Reliability Evaluation of TDMA Schedules for Wireless Sensor Networks Leo Krüger September 2016
45 Bachelor Thesis Detection of Malfunctioning DataSources in Ship Networks René Stenrücken December 2016
46 Bachelor Thesis Evaluation of auction theory based resource allocation in LTE Advanced Device to Device communication Raphael Elsner December 2016
47 Bachelor Thesis Neighbor Discovery Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks Zeynep Vatandas May 2017
48 Bachelor Thesis Analysis and Emulation of a Sensor Concentrator for ship-based Communication Networks René Stenrücken June 2017
49 Bachelor Thesis Analysis of the Use of Network Coding for Aircraft Communication Vanessa Eichhorn/ Christoph Petersen September 2017
50 Bachelor Thesis Testbed for Perfomance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks Koojana Kuladinithi September 2017
51 Bachelor Thesis Analysis and Improvement of Reading Quality and Speed of RFID Sensors in Composite Materials René Stenrücken April 2018
52 Bachelor Thesis Mobile Data Transmission for Safety Relevant Applications using Long Range Wireless Communication (LoRaWAN) Leo Krüger November 2017
53 Bachelor Thesis Examination of Information an Communication Technology (ICT) application for an autonomous transport chain in view of energy expenditure Timm-Giel November 2011
54 Bachelor Thesis Performance Evaluation of a WIFI-based Live Audio Streaming System using Simulation and Measurement Sennheiser/ Timm-Giel February 2019
55 Bachelor Thesis Implementation and Evaluation of the 6TiSCH Minimal Scheduling Function Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel May 2019
56 Bachelor Thesis Traffic moddeling for performance evaluation of M2M communication in LTE Koojana Kuladinithi/ Timm-Giel July 2019