New Student Theses and Student Projects

We are looking forward to supervise research projects, Bachelor's and Master's theses in our research areas of:

If you are interested, please mail to comnets(AT) Please also indicate your interest together with your short CV.  This should clearly state your programming skills, your interest in mathematical, experimental and/or simulative investigations and your grades in the modules related to communication networks and mathematical analysis (if applicable).  This will help us to send you  appropriate project descriptions. Please also give us up to 10 days for the feedback as we discuss your requests with our PhD students during our weekly institute meeting. 


Open Topics - Not yet assigned to any students (last updated on 24.01.2018) 

Proposed TitleProject TypeKnowledge PrerequisitesContact PersonStarting Date
Sensor Data Filtering for Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in Autonomous Vehicular PlatooningResearch ProjectCommunication and Computer Networks, C/C++, MatlabDaniel PlögerASAP

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