Coming from Hamburg-Harburg Train Station

  • From Hamburg-Harburg train station, best to take the bus 142, direction "AK Harburg" or "Hans-Dewitz-Ring" (NOT to "Midsommerland").
  • Bus stop: Kasernenstraße (TU Hamburg)
  • Cross the road and walk along the big building (University main building). At the end of the main building turn left and go down to the campus. Building E (Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, "Lindwurm") is the long building on the right.
  • Our offices are in the middle part of building E, floor 1, secretary's office: room 1.058


Coming from Hamburg Central Station ("Hauptbahnhof")

  • Coming from Hamburg central station ("Hauptbahnhof"), take the S-Bahn S3 or S31 towards Harburg-Rathaus, Neugraben, Buxtehude or Stade and get off at "Heimfeld" or "Harburg-Rathaus" (NOT "Harburg"!). The locals recommend "Harburg-Rathaus" because the line S31 will not continue to "Heimfeld", the distance is more or less the same. In both cases, walk to the Schwarzenbergstraße (ask locals) and follow the instructions given above from bus stop TUHH/Kasernenstraße (which is on Schwarzenstraße, the only bus stop between Harburg-Rathaus and Heimfeld)

Coming from Hamburg Airport

  • At the S-Bahn station "Hamburg Airport (Flughafen)" take the S-Bahn S1 (green) to "Hauptbahnhof" (central station). At the central station, change platforms and take the S3 or S31 (violet, direction "Stade", "Neugraben", "Buxtehude" or "Harburg-Rathaus") and follow the instructions above "coming by S-Bahn"

If you come by car ...