Yevhenii Shudrenko Research Fellow
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Yevhenii Shudrenko


Received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the The National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTUU KPI) in 2018 for the thesis on topic "Components of User Interface for Expert Surveys". In 2019 graduated in the consecutive Master’s degree Computer Systems and Networks from NTUU KPI with the thesis on topic “Widgets Library for Building Expert Survey Systems”. In 2021 received Master of Science degree in Computer Science for thesis on topic "End-to-End Quality-of-Service for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Cross-Layer Information in 6TiSCH" at the Institute of Communication Networks (ComNets), Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

Since 2021 Yevhenii is a research assistant at the ComNets, TUHH with main research focus on Wireless Sensor Networks.

Research Topics

  • Wireless Sensor Networks

Research Projects

  • ReSA (Retrofitbare Sensorsystem-Architektur für prädiktive Instandhaltung)


  • Elektrotechnisches Projektpraktikum (Electronics Lab)