Leonard Fisser Research Fellow
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Leonard Fisser


Leonard Fisser received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology in 2017 through a dual study program. During his work and studies he focused on communication networks and wrote his Bachelors Thesis on „Efficient multi-rate signal processing using Cascaded Integrator-Comb Filters“ at the Institute of Telecommunications of Prof. Bauch.

After his Bachelors, he continued his studies and worked as a System Engineer for a marine company, focusing on developing new on-board communication systems. In 2019, he received his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with distinction while specializing in telecommunications and communications engineering. He wrote his thesis on „Predictive Resource Allocation in Shared Spectrum Radio Systems“ at the Institute of Communication Networks (ComNets).

Since 2020 Leonard Fisser is a research assistant and PhD candidate at the ComNets Institute of Prof. Timm-Giel at the Hamburg University of Technology where he is focusing his research on Smart Grid Communication Systems.

Research Topics

  • Smart Grid Communication
  • Distributed Optimization
  • Mobile Radio Systems

Research Projects

  • Optimal Utilization of Renewable Energies in Low Voltage (LV) Power Distribution Systems (OUREL)


  • Simulation and Modelling of Communication Networks
  • Analysis and Structure of Communication Networks
  • Elektrotechnisches Projektpraktikum (Electronics Lab)