Title: Code-Inherent Traffic Shaping for Hard Real-Time Systems. <em>In Proceedings of the International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT)</em>
Written by: Dominic Oehlert, Semla Saidi and Heiko Falk
in: October (2019).
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on pages:
Series: 20191016-emsoft-oehlert.pdf
Address: Ney York City / USA
ISBN: 10.1145/3358215
how published: 19-65 OSF19 EMSOFT

Note: doehlert, ssaidi, hfalk, ESD, WCC, teamplay

Abstract: Modern hard real-time systems evolved from isolated single-core architectures to complex multi-core architectures which are often connected in a distributed manner. With the increasing influence of interconnections in hard real-time systems, the access behavior to shared resources of single tasks or cores becomes a crucial factor for the system's overall worst-case timing properties. Traffic shaping is a powerful technique to decrease contention in a network and deliver guarantees on network streams. In this paper we present a novel approach to automatically integrate a traffic shaping behavior into the code of a program for different traffic shaping profiles while being as least invasive as possible. As this approach is solely depending on modifying programs on a code-level, it does not rely on any additional hardware or operating system-based functions. We show how different traffic shaping profiles can be implemented into programs using a greedy heuristic and an evolutionary algorithm, as well as their influences on the modified programs. It is demonstrated that the presented approaches can be used to decrease worst-case execution times in multi-core systems and lower buffer requirements in distributed systems.