Working Group for Data-Driven Innovation (W-EXK2)
Working Group for Data-Driven Innovation (W-EXK2)


The working group for Data-Driven Innovation at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) conducts research at the intersection of innovation management, engineering sciences, and the healthcare sector, with a specific focus on data-driven innovations.

Within their research, Moritz Göldner, Amanda Baum and team explore digital health applications (DiGAs) and the challenges of digitalization in the context of future healthcare systems. Additionally, their emphasis lies in understanding the interplay between sustainability and the healthcare sector, examining the corresponding datasets that link these two areas. Moreover, their attention is directed towards exploring how (large) datasets can contribute to the improved development of user-centered innovations in the future.

We eagerly look forward to engaging in fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange on these topics.