Our research areas

Data-Driven Innovation in Healthcare:
  • Our research in Data-Driven Healthcare delves into the digital transformation of the sector, encompassing innovative modes of care provision and novel, user-centric treatment pathways.
  • We are deeply involved in the development and evaluation of Digital Health Applications (DiGA) and analyze this emerging industry in Europe & beyond.
Data-Driven Innovation for Sustainability:
  • In our work on Data-Driven Innovation for Sustainability, we seek to contribute to a better understanding of different data streams that – analyzed in a holistic way – ensure a comprehensive view on environmental impact.
  • By developing robust models, we aim to shed light on sustainability practices in the not-so-clean healthcare sector and beyond in adjunct industries in order to develop contributions to a more sustainable future.
Data-Driven Innovation in Product & Service Development:
  • Within a management and business context, our research explores the intricacies of Data-Driven Innovation in the realms of product and service development.
  • While technology is a pivotal aspect, the holistic integration of data, innovative methods, user insights, and strategic planning forms the core of our studies in this domain.


Unser research understanding

Academic Cooperation
  • We are convinced that national and international knowledge exchange enables fruitful discussions and can bring research to the next level.
  • Thus, we embrace (research-related) cooperation and knowledge exchange within our university, Germany, Europe and beyond.
Industry Cooperation
  • We put a strong emphasis on gathering data together with the industry and transferring our academic research in order to solve real-world challenges.
  • Thus, we have built a strong network and close collaborations with corporates, startups, and other stakeholders, particularly in the healthcare sector. We understands the language of patients, healthcare professionals and innovators and act as translators between the three parties. We regularly conduct research in hospitals and outpatient settings.
  • Collaborations can include: theses, applied research and data science projects, consulting, talks, workshops or trainings.