Bioresources: equipment and facilities

Anaerobic and aerobic test systems and facilities

  • Anaerobic test systems in batch (e.g. AMPTS, Eudiometer)
  • Aerobic test systems in batch (e.g. Sapromat)
  • Continuously operated bioreactor test systems with automated process control (0.5 L / 1 L / 6 L /30 L /100 L)
  • Biogas pilot plant (2.1 m3)

Microalgae cultivation and downstreaming

  • Cultivation systems in the form of closed photobioreactors (6 L, 30 L and 100 L), open ponds (2 x 5000 L) and a floating photobioreactor
  • Measurement technology for monitoring process parameters e.g. light intensity, temperature and pH value
  • Downstream treatment via separator and flotation
  • Analysis of ingredients by chromatographic methods (HPLC, GC) and spectroscopy (photometer, FTNIR)

Sample preparation

  • High temperature thermostat
  • Microwave Speedwave XPERT, Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH
  • Digestion block Kjeldahltherm, Gerhardt Analytical Systems
  •  Freeze drying Alpha 1-2 LDplus, Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH
  • Muffle furnaces
  • Drying ovens
  • Vacuum drying oven, Steinberg Systems
  •  Ultracentrifuge Sigma 4-16KS with cooling system

Analysis and characterization of organic raw materials and products

  • GCs, FTNIR, HPLC, AOX, AAS, FOS/TAC, Randall hot extraction, TKN and others