TUHH BoneStress is an interactive model demonstrating the effects of impaction and joint loading on bone stresses for different hip stem designs. It describes radial load transfer between implant and bone in uncemented press-fit femoral stem implantations.



This app provides a visual representation of the stress states between press-fit implant and bone directly post-operatively, and after bone ingrowth.

Stem design (stem and neck lengths, neck angle), impaction force, and joint loading can be varied to limit implant-bone separation while maintaining bone stresses within “normal” or “osteoporotic” limits. This will allow bone ingrowth and reduced stresses.

Its intuitive use makes TUHH BoneStress the perfect learning tool for surgeons and their patients by demonstrating the influence of stem design, implantation conditions, and patient activity, on the local stress situation, and its effect on successfull bone ingrowth.

It is noted that the simple model used cannot be directly transferred to an individual patient Situation


Compatibility: iOS 6.0 or newer is required. Compatible with  iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This App is optimised for iPhone 5.


This App has been designed for the iPhone and for the iPad. Please scan the QR Code to download.

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  • Published: 21.10.2013
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