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Lecture: Hydrobiology
Untertitel: Module: Selected Topics in Environmental Engineering
DozentIn: Dr. Ludwig Tent
Veranstaltungstyp: Vorlesung (Lehre)

- Running and stagnant waters with their surroundings as living sphere for plants, animals and man. Natural situation and nowadays reality
- Goals for future developments
- Demands of nature to engineering projects like city planning, constructions like e.g. brigdes, advanced waste water treatment and river maintenance
- Practical exercise to get to know characteristic organisms of running waters
- Sediments: origin, characterisation, how to get rid of problems in an environ-mentally acceptable way
- Restructuring of aquatic habitats, river restoration, rehabilitation of stagnant waters
- Diffuse immissions, erosion, soil conservation = improvement of the health of waters
- Social implications

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Tent, L. (1998): Reconstruction versus ecological maintenance - improving lowland rivers in Hamburg and Lower Saxony. - in: HANSEN, H.O. and B.L. MADSEN (eds.): River Restoration ´96;
Tent, L. (2001): Trout 2010 - Restructuring Urban Brooks with engaged Citizens. - in: Nijland, H. and M.J.R. Cals (eds.): River Restoration in Europe; Practical Approaches
Internet, e.g. River Restoration like
2011 -  http://web.natur.cuni.cz/hydroeco2011/index.php?id=33h , session H and more

Ort: (Room: A – SB C 1 Raum A1.20)
Semester: SoSe 19
Zeiten: Mi. 09:45 - 11:45 (wöchentlich) - There will be a specific schedule with data.
Erster Termin: Mi , 03.04.2019 09:45 - 11:45, Ort: (Room: A – SB C 1 Raum A1.20)
Veranstaltungsnummer: 18271_S19
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