Information for Theses and Projects Supervision

If you are interested in writing your project or thesis with us you are welcome to submit your application:

  1. Choose a topic of your interest. You can do this by browsing the areas of expertise and current research projects of our team members.
  2. Send an email to with the subject Supervision - [Project | BA | MA]. Please include the following documentation/information upon contact:
    • Transcript of your records (latest version).
    • An updated CV.
    • A breif description of your topic of interest (3 - 5 lines).
    • The name of a team member who could supervise your topic.
  3. Based on our current workload and supervision capacity, a team member will schedule an appointment with you to further discuss your supervision request.

Please be precise in choosing a topic, so that we can provide adequate support and feedback!

After your first supervision meeting, you get 6 weeks to register your thesis/project. Otherwise, the thesis/project topic will be assigned to someone else.

Inquiries about MSc/BSc./PA EXCLUSIVELY via the E-Mail There is no need to send direct e-mails to TAs/Lecturers/...