Completed Master's Theses

Index Semester Title
1 SoSe23 Enhancing vulnerability-introducing commits identification by leveraging common fix patterns
2 WiSe22 Security evaluation of code generated by code generation models
3 WiSe22-23 Identifying security features in open source software using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)
4 WiSe22-23 Empirical study on static code analysis tools for security in Terraform IaC scripts
5 WiSe22-23 Social distncing at airport (NXP)
6 WiSe22-23 Design and implementation of a conversational DevBot for supporting the analysis of security-annotated DFDs
7 SoSe22 Dark Patterns for Developer-Centered Security Applications
8 SoSe22 Topic Modelling Analysis of Microservice Security Discussions in StackOverflow
9 SoSe22 Injecting and fixing Dockerfile security smells
10 WiSe21-22 Identifying Security features in source code using code2vec
11 SoSe21 Automated identification of security features in micro-services

Completed Bachelor's Theses

Index Semester Title
1 WiSe23-24 Porting automatic vulnerability repair from C/C++ to Java
2 SoSe23 Identification of security-relevant commit messages in large open-source projects unsing topic modeling
3 SoSe23 Analysis of natural language code summaries to detect software vulnerabilities
4 SoSe23 Applying LINDDUN to European Covid proximity detection protocols
5 SoSe23 Privacy threats of RFID implants: A user-centered study
6 WiSe22-23 Security threats and countermeasures for AI-based systems
7 WiSe22-23 Security Best-Practices in Open-Source Microservice Applications
8 WiSe22-23 Privacy in Human-Robot Interaction: Exploring the Role of Anthropomorphism on Curiosity and Information Disclosure
9 SoSe22 An empirical analysis of privacy preferences in Metaverse
10 SoSe22 Analysis of Kura and comparison to NodeRED
11 SoSe21 Security analysis of IoT edge frameworks (NodeRED - Kura - Flogo)
12 SoSe21 Security inspection guidelines for micro-services