Hints concerning the basic internship and the preparation of the report

Before starting the internship or searching an internship, respectively, please consider

  • the restriction of companies at which you can carry out the internship, according to § 6 of the Grundpraktikumsordnung, in particular item 3 and 4:
    • the employer has to be an industrial company
    • the employer has to be registered in the Industrie- und Handelskammer as an apprenticeship employer, and the internship has to be supervised by a person responsible for apprenticeships
    • max 4 weeks of the internship can be carried out in a company run by the family of the intern

  • the activities, which can be recognized, are listed in § 5 of the Grundpraktikumsordnung:
      1. GP1: subtractive manufacturing (1-4 weeks)
      2. GP2: assembly and testing (1-4 weeks)
      3. GP3: forming (1-4 weeks)
      4. GP4: joining and separating processes  (1-4 weeks)

  • the duration of the internship is, according to § 4 of the Grundpraktikumsordnung
    1. ten weeks.
    2. a separation into multiple terms is possible, where each term must at least last 4 weeks.

The recognition of the internship is based on the report. For that, consider § 7 of the Grundpraktikumsordnung. (10 pages including figures)

For the recognition it is very helpful if the report contains a table, summarizing the activities and assigning them to the fields GP1 to GP4 according to §5.