1. Which examination regulations apply to me?

The examination regulations that apply to you are the subject-specific regulations (FSPO) that were valid at the time you commenced your course. You can find the regulations here: studienplaene.tuhh.de/index.php

If you have questions about your curriculum, please speak to your Course Coordinator.

2. How do I select a specialisation?

For examination regulation versions up to cohort 2014/15
You can select your specialisation on the TUHH portal.
If you experience technical problems when selecting your specialisation, please contact the User Service Center: servicedesk(at)tuhh(dot)de

For examination regulation versions since cohort 2015/16
The specialization or focus is selected when registering for the exam. At the beginning, all exams of the respective specializations or foci will be visible in the self-service function. Select the exam from your desired specialization or focus. As soon as you have chosen one exam, the exams of the other specializations / foci will no longer be displayed.
Should problems arise during the exam registration phase, please contact the IT support directly and immediately: servicedesk+tune(at)tuhh(dot)de

3. When are the examination registration periods?

Exam registration period - winter semester: December 1st to December 14th

Exam registration period - summer semester: June 1st to June 14th

4. Where can I find the current examination dates and rooms?

You can find the examination dates and rooms here: https://intranet.tuhh.de/stud/pruefung/index.php?Lang=en

Please check these reguarly as last-minute changes do sometimes occur.

5. How do I register for an examination or withdraw from it?

Please use the TUNE portal to register for or to withdraw from graded or ungraded examinations. The following manuals can be helpful if you should have questions about using TUNE.

TUNE manual

Exam registration

The time periods in which you can register for and withdraw from examinations are determined in section 14 (1) of the General provisions of the Study and Examination Regulations (ASPO).

6. Automatic registrations for examinations

You will be automatically registered for the foundation examinations listed in your subject-specific examination regulations (FSPO) (for those who started their studies in the winter semester 18/19 or later) or the equivalent mandatory exams in the first semester of the Bachelor's course (for those who started their studies before the winter semester 18/19), and the associated resit examinations.
You habe to register for all other examinations on the TUHH portal.

7. I am having difficulties registering for an examination online. Who can I speak to?

Please contact the User Service Center: servicedesk+tune(at)tuhh(dot)de

8. Can I withdraw from an examination that I have registered for?

You can only withdraw from examinations that you have registered for under the following conditions:

  • Withdrawal is possible if you state valid reasons (e. g. illness) and are recognised (section 25 ASPO). These valid reasons must be substantiated before the deadline.
    Illness shall be regarded as a valid reason only if it constitutes incapacity to sit an examination and is proved by a medical certificate (section 25 (2) ASPO).
  • Withdrawal from a examination without reasons is only possible up to 2 days before the examination (section 14 (5) ASPO). Withdrawal from foundation examinations is excluded from this.

9. Can I also take modules/examinations that are not in my curriculum?

You can take modules of up to 30 credit points from outside the curriculum (acc. to section 12 (2) ASPO). Students may request to register for these examinations via TUNE. These additional modules will be recorded on your transcript of records/certificate. The grades and credit points of additional modules taken will not be included in the calculation of your overall grade.

10. Can I take examinations whilst taking a holiday semester?

Yes, you can take examinations whilst taking a holiday semester.

11. Can I attend Master's modules during my Bachelor's degree?

If you have already gained 156 credit points for your Bachelor's course, you can complete up to 30 credit points of Master's modules (section 13 (11) ASPO). In many cases it is possible to register early Master's modules via the TUHH portal. If you see error messages or encounter any problems, please speak to the relevant contact person at the Examination Office regarding registration during the examination registration period.

12. When will the early Master's grades be listed in my transcript of records after I have transferred to the Master's course?

The early Master's grades will be listed after the new examination registration period at the earliest and before the beginning of the new examination period at the latest.

13. How can I get credit for a VHS language course for the NTA?

You can register for VHS language courses via TUNE.
If you want to take this language course as a non technical complementary course, please ensure to choose the correct registration path. Otherwise, your exam registration might be carried out as an additional exam.

14. How can I select technical complementary courses?

For modules from your own degree program, exam registration is done via TUNE during the exam registration period. For modules from another degree program, your FSPO may require prior approval from the Course Coordinator. If this is the case, the examination registration during the exam registration period does not take place via TUNE but via the Examination Office.

15. The listed grade is incorrect. What can I do?

Grades are entered by the relevant examiner. The Examination Office then receives a list of grades, signed by the examiner.
The examiner's signature confirms that the entered grades are correct.

Despite this, mistakes can be made.
In such a case, contact the examiner directly. If necessary, they can arrange for the Examination Office to corect the grade.

16. Can low module grades be removed when calculating the overall grade?

If the number of examinations taken in compulsory elective modules exceeds the number required by the curriculum, the examinations with the highest grades are included in the overall grade. The "surplus" examinations with worse grades will be listed as additional examinations - these examinations are not included when calculating the overall grade (section 32 (5) ASPO).

17. How can I gain credits for examination achievements from previous studies?

Information on gaining credits for examination achievements can be found in section 13 of the ASPO.
You can find the application form for recognising examinations here.

18. How can I recognise examinations taken during a study-related period abroad?

Please follow the instructions given in the International Office's Mobility-Online portal. Please submit the following documents in order to have your examinations recognised:
1.       Table D fully filled out andsigned by your Course Coordinator
2.       Transcript of Records from the foreign university

FREEMOVER (independently organised period abroad)
If you organised your period abroad independently and without the support of the TUHH's International Office, you must submit an application for the recognition of studies completed abroad. Your Course Coordinator must provide a written endorsement of your application. The application is to be submitted to the relevant examination office with the Transcript of Records and an original documentfrom the foreign university confirming the exat period of tim (dates from... to...) you spent at the foreign university.
You can find the application form here.
The relevant examination board will decide whether to recognise examinations completed abroad.

19. What do I have to do if I am ill on the day of an examination and cannot attend the examination?

If you are ill on the day of an examination, please see a doctor without delay in order to obtain a medical certificate.
Fill out the form "Required information for completing a doctor's note" and attach the medical certificate in its original form to it.
Both the form and the medical certificate must be submitted to the Examination Office within three days (section 25 (2) ASPO).

20. I was ill but still took the examination.

If you sit an examination, you are declaring yourself fit to do so.
If you sit an exam knowing that you are unwell, you will have to bear the consequences.

However, if you establish during the examination that you are not fit to sit the examination, you must inform the invigilator and the Examination Office immediately.

21. I have a fear of examinations.

Unfortunately, fear of examinations is a widespread phenomenon. Fear of examinations does not constitute incapacity to sit an examination.
The Student Conseling Center's service may be helpful to you.
Student Counseling Center

22. I have a chronic illness that affects my ability to take the examination.

Chronic illness does not constitute grounds for incapacity to sit an examination. Because of its long-term effect on a student's performance, it forms part of their personal aptitude.
Unlike reduced performance as a result of a short illness, chronic illness affects the student's normal performance and is therefore important for assessing the skills tested by the examination.

23. I take medications and will soon sit an examination.

Whether you sit the examination is up to you.
You should discuss the effects of the medication with your doctor beforehand. If your doctor states that your vapacity to sit an examination will be inhibited by the short course of medication, you must obtain a medical certificate and submit this to the Examination Office within the given period.
If you still decide to take the examination, you are declaring yourself fit to do so.

24. I failed a written exam for the third time. How do I apply for an oral supplementary examination (MEP)?

The failed exam was a written exam
The grade has already been booked and is visible in your account
You have not yet reached the maximum number of possible MEPs (Bachelor: 3 | Master: 2)

A deadline of two weaks after the announcement of all examination results for the examination period applies to the application. After that, an application is no longer possible.
An oral supplementary examination can only be granted for written examinations.
Admission to the MEP must be applied at the Examination Office. 
After receiving your admission, you can make an appointment for the MEP with the examiner.

25. I would like to take a research paper. What do I need to bear in mind?

The following FAQ entry does not apply to students of the M.Sc. Aircraft Systems Engineering who are studying under a course scheme valid from the cohort 2021/22 on.

Please note that different terms are used to refer to a research paper as per section 20 ASPO. These include: "project work", "research project", "research paper" and "research projekt and seminar".

For the module "Research Project and Seminar", you habe to successfully complete both parts of the module to gain the ECTS points.
The research project and the seminar need not necessarily be completed at the same institute.

As per section 20 ASPO, you are not required to register for a research project that is linked to your FSPO.
The examiner will submit the grade to the Examination Office. They should use the form
"Study and research project assessment form" for this purpose.
For the module "Research Project and Seminar", the examiner must also confirm that the student successfully completed the seminar.

26. I would like to register for my Bachelor's or Master's thesis. What do I need to bear in mind?

You can find information on dissertation here.

27. What do I do if I fall ill while writing my thesis?

Within three days after visiting your doctor, submit a medical certificate and an informal application for an extension of the writing period to the Examination Office. Please use the form "Required information for completing a doctor's note"!
If the application is approved, the writing period will be extended for the same duration as the illness.

For an extension of more than two months, a medical certificate confirming incapacity to sit the examination (Prüfungsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung) is required.

28. Extension of the writing period for thesis

Please always submit an original copy of your application for an extension of the writing period for dissertations to the relevant examination office.
The first examiner must approve the application with his/her original signature in advance.

29. Where can I find the deadline for submitting my thesis?

In TUNE you can either create the current total overview of records or the report on your registered exams.
Both documents list the registration of the thesis, including the submission date.

30. Enrolment, re-enrolment, exmatriculation, leave semesters, etc.

The Academic and Student Services (STUDIS) are the experts on all questions pertaining to enrolment, re-enrolment, exmatriculation, leave semesters and your student status.

Please read through the information on the Academic and Student Services (STUDIS) website.
Many questions are answered there.

31. Certificate of good standing

The TUHH does not issue certificates of good standing (Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung). The relevant information can be fount on your transcript of records, which you can print from the TUHH portal. Should you require a transcript of records issued and signed by the Examination Office, a fee will be levied as per the Regulations on Charges at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), erhoben

32. How do I obtain an English-language transcript of records?