Equivalency Examinations

If equivalence examinations have been defined for your degree program or cohort by the relevant "Board of the School of Study", please note the following procedure regarding examination registration and deregistration.

You can find an overview of the defined equivalency examinations at studienplaene.tuhh.de.

Exam registration and participation

  1. You register for the examination in TUNE scheduled according to your study plan
    (curriculum examination)
  2. Examination registration for the "curriculum examination" is the admission to the equivalency examination
  3. You take part in the equivalency exam
  4. The result of the equivalency exam is posted to the registration for your "curriculum exam"
  5. The title of the "curriculum examination" will be replaced with the title of the equivalence examination at a later date

Withdrawal from examinations

  • With regard to withdrawing from examinations, the deadline regulation according to § 14 para. 5 ASPO also applies to equivalence examinations
  • If you do not wish to take the equivalency examination, deregister from the "curriculum examination" in TUNE
  • If the equivalence examination does not take place until after the examination date of the curriculum examination and it is therefore no longer possible to deregister in TUNE, contact the examination office responsible for you immediately