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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

09:00     Registration & welcome coffee

09:30     Welcome speech


Session I
photonics & metamaterials

09:50     Din Ping Tsai: Meta-lens for high-dimensional visualization

10:25     Matthias Graf: Hot-electron-driven Water Splitting using Nanoporous Gold

11:00     Coffee break

11:30     Manohar Chirumamilla: Tailored metamaterials as high temperature stable selective emitters

12:05     Alexandra Boltasseva:  Emerging Material Platforms, Design and Optimization Approaches for Nanophotonic Devices

12:40     Lunch

14:10     Nicolas Vogel: Tailoring structural coloration in self-assembled materials

14:45     Alexander Petrov: Disordered optical materials for structural color

15:20     Kaline Furlan: Photonic materials for high-temperature applications: synthesis and characterization

15:55     Coffee break


Session II
nanocomposites & architectured materials

16:25     Helmut Cölfen: Nanocrystals as chemical building blocks

17:00     Diletta Giuntini: Bulk supercrystalline ceramic-organic nanocomposites: new processing routines and insights on the mechanical behaviour

17:35     Francois Barthelat: Ultra-tough and impact resistant glasses with bioinspired architectures

19:00     Dinner on a boat & harbour tour


Thursday, 20 June 2019

Session II
nanocomposites & architectured materials

09:00     Norbert Huber: Morphology of Nanoporous Metals: Insights from a Computational Perspective

09:35     Michael Ortiz: Long-term atomistic simulation of mass transport

10:10     Katja Loos: Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Based Multiferroic Composites

10:45     Coffee break

11:15     Ian McCue: Scalable Processing of Nanostructured Metals via Liquid and Solid Metal Dealloying

11:50     Volker Abetz: Reversible and Adaptable Networks

12:25     Lunch


Session III
porous & network materials

13:55     Gunther Wittstock: Functional Surface Layers of Gold on Different Length Scales

14:30     Nadiia Mameka: When soft organic layers can govern the mechanics of stiff metallic scaffolds

15:05     Lorenzo Valdevit: Fabrication, mechanical performance, deformation and damage mechanisms of ceramic nano-architected materials

15:40     Coffee break

16:10     Erica Lilleodden: On an improved description of the mechanical response of bicontinuous nanoscale composites

16:45     Andrea Hodge: Tailored Metal Microlattices:  Challenges and Outlook

17:20     Patrick Huber: Advanced Porous Materials: From Multiscale Physics to Metamaterials Design

17:55     Karen Chen-Wiegart: Synchrotron X-ray Multi-Dimensional & Multi-Modal Study: Multiscale Materials System by Dealloying and Beyond

18:30     Dinner

20:00+   Poster session


Friday, 21 June 2019

Session IV

09:00     Ulrike Diebold: Oxide Surfaces at the Atomic Scale

09:35     Gregor Vonbun-Feldbauer: (In)Organic Molecules at Metal Oxide Surfaces: Insights from Computational Surface Science

10:10     Cesare Franchini: Electron-lattice interactions in (quantum) oxide surfaces

10:45     Coffee break

11:15     Robert Meißner: Molecular dynamic simulation of the self-organization of organically coated iron oxide nanoparticles

11:50     Andreas Stierle: Adsorption of carboxylic acids on magnetite surfaces

12:25     Closing remark

13:00     Lunch