Project description

In this project block copolymers, random copolymers and oligomers are synthesized for encapsulation of (nano)particles. The aim is to generate composites with a low organic content, i.e. high degree of filling with inorganic material. The organic material will contribute improved mechanical properties like ductility, while hardness and stiffness should not be strongly affected in comparison to the inorganic fillers. In order to achieve this aim, functionalized oligomers and functionalized polymers will be synthesized. Both, self-complementary and non-self-complementary hydrogen bonding motifs are used for the functionalization in order to adjust the strength of non-covalent interactions over a large temperature scale. By varying the copolymer’s composition the thermal properties and the locations of functionalization by the hydrogen bonding motifs can be controlled. The functionalized oligomers will be used to assemble nanoparticles into agglomerates of the first hierarchical level. The functionalized polymers decorate such agglomerates as well as agglomerates of higher hierarchical levels (Figure 1). First levels can be processed by hot pressing at temperatures <200°C, second or higher levels also via spouted bed technology.

Fig. 1: Nanoparticle (grey)/oligomer (blue) composites, embedded in supramolecular polymer networks.



Project leader
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Abetz,





hydrogen bonding


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