Completed Research Projects

panMARE has contributed to various research projects in the past years.

Hereby, the research focussed on different hydrodynamical topics, which range from the installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines, to vessel motion and fender friction, ports for future-generation-container ships, as well as cavitation and boss cap efficiency. 

Feel free to find more information on our completed research projects on the following pages:

More completed projects:
  • Research projects concerning the simulation of safety-relevant situations regarding the interaction of service ships with offshore wind turbine plants
  • Maritime Safety Aspects Regarding Installation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines
    Project Partner: Institute for Ship Structural Design and Analysis Founded by the Hamburg Research and Science Foundation
    Project Duration: January 2012 - December 2014
    Objective: Simulation of the boat-landing manoeuvre taking the interaction between waves, bodies and fender into account.
  • Vessel Motion and Fender Friction Project

    Project Partner: Institute for Ship Structural Design and Analysis, Carbon Trust (UK), 2015
    Objective: The investigation of boat-landing maneuver at offshore monopiles. Provide experimental data for validation and calibration of vessel-fender performance simulation models.

  • Simulation einer Offshore Schwerkraftsgründung in Wellen
    Project Partner: Mareval, 2016
    Objective: Computation of the non-linear wave loads acting on an offshore foundation