Student Research Projects

We are always looking for enthusiastic students who want to dig deeper into the world of fluid dynamics and ship theory and offer several student research projects related with panMARE, which may be interesting for your Bachelor's, Project or Master's Thesis.

Currently, we are actively searching for students, who would like to write a thesis on one of the topics below:

  • Development and integration of a basic FEM-Solver:
    The main idea is to improve a simple Finite Element Method-Solver that can be used alongside panMARE to include deformations, e.g. of floating wind turbines, and include the deformation-induced hydrodynamics in our calculations. An interface for the FEM-Solver's integration is also planned. Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Ulf Göttsche 25.02.2021


Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

As you can see in its large number of applications, panMARE opens doors to a wide variety of marine research fields.
Use the potential (pun intended) of this fast and flexible panel code and tailor it to also include your favorite hydrodynamic topic of interest utilizing potential theory!

Do you have own ideas? We would love to hear your suggestions!