The focus of our research is on the development of quantitative models and on the use of algorithms for solving planning problems and making decisions in the area of business and management. We are especially interested in problems from the field of logistics as, for example:

  • Use of quantitative methods to solve planning problems in sustainable logistics,
  • Use of planning methods in disaster logistics,
  • Success factors and strategy optimization in e-logistics,
  • Classic location planning and location planning under competition,
  • Network optimization,
  • Production planning,
  • Revenue Management in container logistics,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Tour planning as well as combined location and tour planning problems and
  • Transportation planning.

In all these fields of research quantitative approaches can help decision-makers – such as managers – to analyze the decision situation in a structured way, to formulate the respective objectives and the restrictions and finally to get to an optimal solution in terms of the pursued objectives.

Another key area of our research is the field of decision analysis and decision making. Here, our research concentrates on normative models for rational decision making as well as on descriptive models which represent aspects of the actual behavior of decision makers. Important issues are the development of functions that can be used to model human decision behavior, and the evaluation of descriptive models for decision making under risk.