Formulas and Vehicles -
Introduction to Mobile Underwater Robotics
Term: Winter 22/23

Daniel Dücker, M.Sc.

and guests...

General Information

After two cycles covering mobile robotics within the world of autonomous driving we decided to switch domains and have a look into the world of underwater robotics!

In this class, we explore the exciting field of mobile robotics using the example of underwater robots. During the class we will get in touch with the whole robotics pipeline, starting from sensing over perception, to planning and control and actuation. An important focus will lie on gaining hands-on robotics experience during the assignments and the group project using real underwater robots in experiment and simulation. Therefore, we offer access to our experimental facilities.

This shall motivate the students to learn about state-of-the-art robotic tools such as ROS/Gazebo and their usage for simulation and experiments. Our class is based on the challenge-based-learning concept, meaning that students explore the application and challenges in mobile robotics on their own as part of guided assignments and a final group project.

While the first half of the term will consist of keynote lectures and assignments the second half of the term is dedicated to final group projects. In these projects the student groups identify interesting robotics problems of their own choice (e.g. pollution monitoring in harbors) and investigate the related theory and challenges. Finally, the groups will develop and propose solution concepts based on the topics covered.


The class will be held in a hybrid format including Zoom and in-person pitch lectures as well as lab experiments.

The date of the  introductory session for winter term 22/23 will be announced shortly at this place.


Students who are interested in participating in this class register via StudIP (TUHH-Students). ECIU students please send a mail to daniel.duecker(at) Unfortunately, we have to limit the number of spots in this class. In case the number of registered students exceeds our capacity, we will go through a selection. The final acceptance will be sent out w/c Oct 26th.


Getting Started

Please find here the link to our course page and the robotics intallation guide: Click me!