Welcome at TU Hamburg! 29 years of successful UW-partnership!

We are happy that you are interested in the cooperation program with our university and want to give you a brief overview over all important topics on this webpage.

For more than 25 years the TUHH maintains its strong and fruitful partnerships with University of Waterloo. Every year 6-12 undergraduate and graduate students from U Waterloo visit TUHH.
Incoming students usually stay for 3-4 months in Hamburg and work on joint research projects with different TUHH-research groups. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in case of any obscurities! We are glad to help!

Please direct your questions to Berit Illmann (illmann(at)tuhh(dot)de) at our international office.



New Option available for UW-Students: Starting from Fall 2020 we are offering a combination of academic study and Coop-research internships (for more information, see below!)

About TUHH

The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) is one of the youngest Universities in Germany. While the first plans for a technical University in Hamburg can be traced back to the 1920s, TUHH was funded in 1978. Since then TUHH has been growing to a modern campus university in southern Hamburg. TUHH is a small TUHH is a small (8,000 students) but high-class university with a clear profile in research. We take our small size as a chance to offer our students a personal way of teaching with modern, practice oriented learning methods. Many courses include project-based learning in small groups under direct supervision of our academic staff. Thanks to our interdisciplinary structure and outstanding staffing and facilities, TUHH is proud to offer a modern, research related, yet practically geared education. This includes the organization of various exhibitions, field trips ,and semester highlights such as the well-known TUHH-Sommerfest.

Study or COOP? Choose the full experience and 'take the Combo'!

Studying abroad can is exciting and can be challenging when it comes to the misaligned semester calenders. However, we at TUHH are glad that we can provide a solution exclusively for UW-students: a Combo of Academic Study and Coop!

If you are interested in visiting TUHH we offer two options to UW-Students:

1. Academic Study + Coop Research Internship: 
You will visit the TUHH for 8 months (2 terms) to work on a research project within the COOP and you have the chance to visit your lectures for one Semester, write exams. The COOP-term will than be splitted in two parts - one part before regular classes are starting and one afterwards. However, it can still be fully transfered to UW as a full Coop-term.

Of course we encourage you to take 'the combo' to get more experiences and beeing a part of our university. While studying you will get in contact with a lot of other students from all around the globe.

The figure below illustrates how the program fits into your UW-study plans. As you can see, your COOP will be splitted into two parts (of course in accordance with UW-COOP regulations). This allows you to take TUHH classes in between which you can than transfer to UW.

What classes are available?

You are free take almost any class at TUHH which finds your interest. Obviously there are classes which fit your UW curriculum better than others. You can find on overview on our classes which are taught in english in the overview of the currently offered international Master degree programs which can be found here.

Coming soon: An exclusive list of classes which fit best with the UW-curriculum.

Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
UW Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term
TUHH Winter Semester Summer Semester
Plan I COOP pt.1 Courses Exams COOP pt.2
Plan II COOP pt.1 Courses Exams COOP pt.2

2. Coop Research Internships:

You want to focus working in an international research environment? No problem,  you will be at the TUHH for about 4 months to work on a research project without visiting lectures and exams. When choosing this one you are free to chose which term do you want to come across. Spots are available via Waterlooworks.

Please keep in mind, that although we are offering several spots for Coop-research internships our capacity is limited. We are glad that we face a high interest from UW-student and we receive an annually increasing number of applications on our job postings. However, this made applications sometimes quite competive in recent years.

Take your chance and apply! We are looking forward getting to know you!


3. Academic Study:

Last but not least,  we -of course- offer the posibility to come to TUHH for regular academic studying! We have two lecture periods at TUHH:

  • Wintersemester: Lectures start ca. October 15 and end ca  January 3, followed by an exam period ending in March*
  • Summersemester: Lectures start ca April 1 and end ca  July 15, followed by an exam period ending in September*

* Note this long exam period is different from the short exam period at UW. Exam dates are annouced at the beginning of the semester. In case this does not fit your schedule, Option 1 'The Combo' is an attractive choice, as you can participate in the exams during the second part of your Coop-Term. No worries, this is well aranged with all stakeholders.

What your UW-predecessors say about their time at TUHH

“My co-op term at TUHH was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. My work involved conducting research in localization algorithms for micro underwater robots using ROS. My colleagues warmly welcomed me into the team and taught me about tools and methods with which I was unfamiliar. Aside from work, the campus was a fun and engaging place where I have made a ton of memories which I cherish to this day.””

- Ayush Ghosh, COOP 2019 @ Smartport Lab, TUHH

“While at TUHH I was able to do research for Airbus. I helped to design, build, and test a smart mobile device to improve efficiency of their production plants. With so many international students, TUHH provides a very welcoming environment for newcomers; at this university, there are always projects going on and new opportunities to learn"

- Felix Albert Lawson, COOP 2020 @ Institute of Aircraft Production Technologies, TUHH

Why visit Hamburg?

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with 1.8 million inhabitants. Hamburg is one of the most dynamic regions in Europe with the best growth prospects. It is a vibrant metropolis with a high quality of life. Hamburg has more than 40 theatres, 60 museums and 100 music venues and clubs. Economically and culturally, Hamburg is also the center of Northern Germany. We have many famous places to visit such as the popular Elbphilharmonie, the Speicherstadt, or many international musicals e.g. The Lion King. Besides, Hamburg is known for its exciting nightlife scene. Bar and clubs are almost clumped on the Reeperbahn and Sternschanze, where one can enjoy the night have a direct metro link form TUHH campus.

Exploring Germany and Europe:
Hamburg is a good starting point for discovering Germany and Europe. Hamburg International Airport has direct connections to all major European cities and hubs. Within Europe round-trip travel costs are approx. 250 EUR - even cheaper when using low-cost carrier.  Hamburg is well connected within the German High-Speed-Train System (bullet-train). Same yields for the long-distance bus system (Flixbus) which offers really cheap trips within Germany and its neighboring countries. Nearly all big cities in Germany can be reached for 9 EUR (one-way).