If you want to write a final thesis at our institute, please follow the process mentioned below for a quick response.

1. Ensure that your topic or issue fits with our three research directions or with our thesis' tenders

2. Write an application to Christina Pätsch. This application must contain the following information:

  • CV
  • Transcript of your results/grades
  • Expected beginning date
  • Thesis' topic: topic reference or your idea
  • If you want to write your thesis in a corporation, please arrange enough time for the application process. 

3. We will send a confirmation and check your application. After an adequate processing time we either invite you to a kick-off meeting with a corresponding supervisor or reject your thesis with some alternatives. All further information on the registration and submission process of the master thesis can be found here. Please make sure you have read and followed the insctructions given there closely! 

Thanks in advance.


Registration / Submission & during the thesis

1) To registrate and submit your thesis please follow the guideline provided by the examination office.

2) During your thesis please note the following aspects:

  • The master-thesis checklist provides an overview about formal and organizational requirements from registration to submission. The checklist needs to be handed to the supervisor before the final submission of the thesis!
  • For the written part of the thesis, please note our formal requirements for theses (en/de).
  • If your project/thesis includes a programming task, please note our coding guidelines.
  • The evaluation form contains all important evaluation criteria for a thesis at our institute! Please be guided by this when writing the thesis.