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  • Schmidt, Mark; Mertens, Kai Gustav; Meyer, Matthias
    Cost hierarchies and the pattern of product cost cross-subsidization: Extending a computational model of costing system design
    PLoS ONE 18(9): e0290370 (2023-09-11)
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  • Grossmann, Igor; Rotella, Amanda; Hutcherson, Cendri; Sharpinskyi, Konstantyn; Varnum, Michael; Achter, Sebastian; Dhami, Mandeep K.; Guo, Xinqi Evie; Kara-Yakoubian, Mane; Mandel, David R.; Raes, Louis; Tay, Louis; Vie, Aymeric; Wagner, Lisa; Adamkovic, Matus; Arami, Arash; Arriaga Ferreira, Patricia; Bandara, Kasun; Baník, Gabriel; Bartoš, František; Baskin, Ernest; Bergmeir, Christoph; Białek, Michał; Børsting, Caroline Kjær; Browne, Dillon T.; Caruso, Eugene M.; Chen, Rong; Chie, Bin-Tzong; Chopik, William J.; Collins, Robert N.; Cong, Chin Wen; Conway, Lucian G.; Davis, Matthew; Day, Martin V.; Dhaliwal, Nathan A.; Durham, Justin D.; Dziekan, Martyna; Elbaek, Christian; Shuman, Eric; Fabrykant, Marharyta; Firat, Mustafa; Fong, Geoffrey T.; Frimer, Jeremy; Gallegos, Jonathan M.; Goldberg, Simon B.; Gollwitzer, Anton; Goyal, Julia; Graf-Vlachy, Lorenz; Gronlund, Scott D.; Hafenbrädl, Sebastian; Hartanto, Andree; Hirshberg, Matthew J.; Hornsey, Matthew; Howe, Piers D.L.; Izadi, Anoosha; Jaeger, Bastian; Kačmár, Pavol; Kim, Yeun Joon; Krenzler, Ruslan; Lannin, Daniel; Lin, Hung Wen; Lou, Nigel Mantou; Lua, Verity Y.Q.; Lukaszewski, Aaron W.; Ly, Albert L.; Madan, Christopher; Maier, Maximilian; Majeed, Nadyanna M.; March, David S.; Marsh, Abigail A.; Misiak, Michal; Myrseth, Kristian; Napan, Jaime; Nicholas, Jonathan; Nikolopoulos, Konstantinos; O, Jiaqing; Otterbring, Tobias; Paruzel-Czachura, Mariola; Pauer, Shiva; Protzko, John; Raffaelli, Quentin; Ropovik, Ivan; Ross, Robert M.; Roth, Yefim; Røysamb, Espen; Schnabel, Landon; Schütz, Astrid; Seifert, Matthias; Sevincer, A. T.; Sherman, Garrick T.; Simonsson, Otto; Sung, Ming Chien; Tai, Chung Ching; Talhelm, Thomas; Teachman, Bethany; Tetlock, Philip; Thomakos, Dimitrios; Tse, Dwight C.K.; Twardus, Oliver; Tybur, Joshua M.; Ungar, Lyle; Vandermeulen, Daan; Vaughan Williams, Leighton; Vosgerichian, Hrag A.; Wang, Qi; Wang, Ke; Whiting, Mark E.; Wollbrant, Conny E.; Yang, Tao; Yogeeswaran, Kumar; Yoon, Sangsuk; Alves, Ventura R.; Andrews-Hanna, Jessica R.; Bloom, Paul A.; Boyles, Anthony; Charis, Loo; Choi, Mingyeong; Darling-Hammond, Sean; Ferguson, Z. E.; Kaiser, Cheryl R.; Karg, Simon Tobias; Ortega, Alberto López; Mahoney, Lori; Marsh, Melvin; Martinie, Marcellin F.R.C.; Michaels, Eli K.; Millroth, Philip; Naqvi, Jeanean B.; Ng, Weiting; Rutledge, Robb B.; Slattery, Peter; Smiley, Adam H.; Strijbis, Oliver; Sznycer, Daniel; Tsukayama, Eli; van Loon, Austin; Voelkel, Jan G.; Wienk, Margaux; Wilkening, Tom
    Insights into the accuracy of social scientists’ forecasts of societal change
    Nature Human Behaviour 7 (4): 484-501 (2023-02-09)
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  • Mertens, Kai Gustav; Rennpferdt, Christoph; Greve, Erik; Krause, Dieter; Meyer, Matthias
    Reviewing the intellectual structure of product modularization: Toward a common view and future research agenda
    Journal of Product Innovation Management 40 (1): 86-119 (2023-01)
    Open Access | Verlags DOI
  • Plähn, Jannick; Bellora-Bienengräber, Lucia; Mertens, Kai G.; Meyer, Matthias
    Combining experiments with agent-based modeling : benefits for experimental management accounting research
    17th Social Simulation Conference (SSC 2022)
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  • Harten, Clemens; Bellora-Bienengräber, Lucia; Meyer, Matthias
    Effektive Risikoworkshops … Aber wie?
    Controlling 2: 50-54 (2023)
  • Meyer, Matthias
    Qualitätsdimensionen eines Digital Reportings: Was ist Noise und warum sollte man darauf achten?
    in: Digital Reporting Transformation des Controllerbereichs durch den digitalen Wandel; Arbeitskreis Digital Reporting, Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft für Betriebswirtschaft e. V. (Hrsg.) (2023)
  • Bellora-Bienengräber, Lucia; Harten, Clemens; Meyer, Matthias
    The effectiveness of risk assessments in risk workshops : the role of calculative cultures
    Journal of Risk Research 26 (2): 163-183 (2023)
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Title: Integrating soft factors into the assessment of cooperative relationships between firms: accounting for reputation and ethical values.
Written by: Meyer, Matthias and Hirsch, Bernhard
in: <em>Business Ethics - A European Review</em>. (2010).
Volume: <strong>19</strong>. Number: (1),
on pages: 81-94
how published:
Type: Journal Article
DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8608.2009.01580.x


Abstract: Alliances and other forms of cooperation between firms often promise great benefits, for example, by the exchange of knowledge or co-specialization of resources. At the same time, the necessary actions to realize these benefits can augment vulnerability to opportunistic behaviour of partners. In addition to formal contracts to mitigate the resulting behavioural uncertainties, often, mechanisms, such as reputation or ethical values, are suggested as important supplements. However, when it comes to assessment of a specific cooperation opportunity, it is difficult to account systematically for the economic consequences of these ?softer factors?. Therefore, this paper aims to surpass mere financial analysis of chance and risk and to integrate systematically both reputation and ethical values into an economic assessment of cooperative relationships. For this purpose, we develop a theoretical framework that is based on a simple-decision model to account for reputation and ethical values of potential partners as drivers of behavioural uncertainty reduction. We also discuss how this framework can be used to assess cooperative relationships and illustrate these ideas with reference to the inter-organizational accounting practices of a large drugstore chain and its suppliers.