IWWG Task Group
Health and Waste (joint TG between IWWG and EUPHA - European Public Health Association)

TG Leader: Raffaello Cossu, Margherita Ferrante


Create a link among different disciplines related to health & waste and share knowledge and experience in the field.


It is proposed that this task group will meet at least once per year at any IWWG conference. It is expected that the task group will participate in the following activities:

  • Sharing info on national activities on Health & Waste
  • Compiling a Position Publication and provide both politicians and the public opinion with correct information


We propose to produce the following outputs:

  • papers
  • position paper
  • website

Intended TG members

Task group members have to be (or will have to become) IWWG members. The following is a preliminary list of potential TG members:


NameAffiliationE-Mail address
Giuseppe ManciniUniversity of Catania (IT)giuseppe.mancini@unict.it
Alberto PivatoUniversity of Padova (IT)alberto.pivato@unipd.it
Maria Cristina LavagnoloUniversity of Padova (IT)mariacristina.lavagnolo@unipd.it
Paul ElliottImperial College London (GB)p.elliott@imperial.ac.uk
Lorenzo GiustiUWE Bristol (GB)Lorenzo.Giusti@uwe.ac.uk
Martine VrijheidInstituto de Salud Global Barcelona (ES)martine.vrijheid@isglobal.org
Federico ViganòPolitecnico di Milano (IT)federico.vigano@polimi.it
Eleonora PerottoPolitecnico di Milano (IT)eleonora.perotto@polimi.it



Mode of operation

It is anticipated, as membership within the group increases, that smaller committees will be formed. These committees may meet via online tools in between the larger group meetings.


Raffaello Cossu

e-mail: raffaello.cossu@gmail.com