The Literary Cafe in Yaounde´

A Bottom-Up Educational Project In Waste Management

Yaounde’, the capital of Cameroon, informally counts about 5.000.000 inhabitants. The production of waste  in the  city amounts to approximately 2000 tons per day but less than 50% of it is collected, the rest is left behind.

The consciousness of people about environmental and health issues connected with wastewater and solid waste management must be urgently improved.

For this purpose, the University of Padua, specifically ImmaginAfrica and the Environmental Engineering. with the collaboration of IWWG, decided to embark on a cultural bottom-up project to raise awareness on environmental topics, involving local people of different cultural levels.

The aim of this project is to create a space for discussions and meetings , a “Literary Café” where different activities can be developed and shared. For instance, looking at journals, books and magazines; using the Internet; organizing events and training seminars on environmental topics; arranging restaurant and catering activities that, after a start-up phase, will be independently managed by the community.

The site of the Literary Café’, has been partially renovated thanks to funding from the University of Padua, Padova Rotary Club and the Government of  Veneto Region. A crowd funding campaign has been launched on a social network to allow for the completion of the project.

Please view the presentation below for further details.