WASTE: reinvented

A report on the remarkable exhibition of waste to art, design, fashion and other creative projects organized by the IWWG ARTGallery during CRETE 2016.

3rd IWWG-ARB Symposium

3rd Symposium of the IWWG Asian Regional Branch, 12-14 April 2017, Seoul, Korea. Website


16th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, 2 - 6 October 2017, Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, Italy. Website; Call for Abstracts

* IWWG co-sponsored events

ICWMT 2016 - 11th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology

Beijing, China. 21-24 October 2016

ICWMT is an important international platform for specialists and officials to discuss scientific problems, exchange experiences, and look for innovative solutions. Initiated by Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific, ICWMT has been held 10 times since its inception in 2005. On a yearly basis, ICWMT is known to attract a great number of participants from governments, research institutions, universities and industries. There were more than 500 delegates from nearly 30 countries participating in ICWMT10.

Website: http://2016.icwmt.org

Call for Paper: click here

VI International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste - VENICE 2016 

The production of energy from alternative sources and its impact on climate change are among the main strategic tools implicated in the sustainable development of our society. Numerous types of biomass and wastes contribute towards the production of energy and reduction in the use of fossil fuels by means of biological, chemical and thermal processes. Existing biomass and waste to energy technologies are currently undergoing rapid development. Despite growing interest in the use of these technologies, in many countries their implementation remains limited.The aim of the Venice 2016 Symposium is to focus on the advances made in the application of technologies for energy recovery from biomass and waste and to encourage discussion in these fields. The previous edition of the Symposium, held in 2014, was attended by nearly 580 scientists and operators from approximately 62 different countries.The sixth edition of the Symposium will feature:

  • Three days of scientific presentations
  • One day of guided technical tours at biochemical and thermochemical plants
  • Six parallel oral sessions, poster sessions and an exhibition by companies working in the field
  • Expected attendance of over 600 delegates from tens of different countries worldwide.

The Symposium is organized by the International Waste Working Group (IWWG) and Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Venezia, with the scientific support of the Universities of Queensland, Padova, Hokkaido, Rostock, Trento, Hamburg University of Technology and Venice International University.

Late Abstracts:

The deadline for abstract submission officially expired. Should you wish to submit a late abstract, please contact us on papers@venicesymposium.it: all efforts will be made to evaluate your proposal for potential inclusion in the Symposium programme.

Call for Workshops:

Workshop proposals may still be integrated into the main Symposium Programme. 

Workshops, some of them purposely made in connection with IWWG tasks groups, have always played a key role in the organization of Venice Symposia, providing a forum where topics presented during oral sessions can be examined in greater detail and the hottest issues in the field of waste to energy appropriately discussed.

As their emphasis is on critical discussion and detailed exploration of a topic, workshops are primarily addressed to experts and usually seeded by a selected number of introductory lectures delivered in order to open discussion between participants. Proposals may focus on ongoing research projects, controversial subjects as well as issues of general interest. 

Proposals must be submitted by email to papers@venicesymposium.it.

For further enquiries and information on registration, accommodation, etc., please contact the Organizing Secretariat EUROWASTE Srl (info@eurowaste.it, www.eurowaste.it).

Website: http://venicesymposium.it

Third IWWG - ARB Symposium

Third Symposium of the Asian Regional Branch of International Waste Working Group

Seoul, Republic of Korea, 12 - 14 April 2015

The 3rd Symposium organized by the IWWG Asian Regional Branch (IWWG-ARB 2017) will be held in Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, from 12 to 14 April, 2017.

The Regional Branch of IWWG is a new strategy of IWWG to better organize the IWWG activities, favour contacts and participation, better consider local needs in a significantly large area (Asia, Africa, South and North America, etc.). This ARB branch is the special one in the Asian region to initiate the IWWG strategy.
Based on the IWWG Regional Branch Establishment Procedure, a Founding committee was formed by Toshihiko Matsuto (Hokkaido University, Japan), Pin-Jing He (Tongji University, China), and Jae Young Kim (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea) who are the members of Managing Board and/or Scientific Advisory Board of IWWG. Starting from the three countries, ARB activity will extend to other Asian countries.
The kickoff activity of ARB is the organization of ARB symposium, which was decided to be held in Japan, China and Korea. The 1st and 2nd IWWG-ARB Symposiums were successfully opened in Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (March 2013), and in Tongji University, Shanghai, China (April 2015). And now it comes to the 3rd IWWG-ARB Symposium in Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea in 2017.
It is my great honor and pleasure to host the 3rd IWWG-ARB Symposium and would like to invite not only IWWG members in Asia but also waste management experts in this region. It is expected to explore and strengthen the network among Asian researchers of solid waste management, as well as the world’s concerns on Asian waste. Thank you very much and I hope to see you in Seoul.

Seoul National University (KR)
Conference Chairman

For further enquiries and registration please contact the Conference Secretariat (Dr. Munsol Ju, iwwg-arb@snu.ac.kr). Constantly up-dated information on the symposium are available from the website (http://iwwg-arb2017.com/).

SARDINIA 2017 - 16th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium

2 - 6 October 2017, Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, Italy

Following the incredible success of Sardinia 2015 / Arts Edition, which saw the participation of 732 delegates from more than 70 different countries from all the continents, we are proud to announce the 30th Anniversary of Sardinia Symposia, the reference forum for the international community since 1987.
Sardinia 2017 promises to be the most international and largest event of the year in the field of Waste Management and Landfilling. In line with tradition, the 16th edition of the conference will focus on advances of Waste Management science and technologies, presenting case studies and discussing key controversial subjects, sharing experiences from different countries, and assessing social and economical balances.
The conference will include oral sessions and specialised workshops for a total of eight parallel tracks, parallel events, practical design workshops, business to business meetings, discussion forums, a continuously accessible poster area and a wide exhibition space for companies working in the field of Waste Management. Prior to the start of the Symposium, training courses will be offered by IWWG.

Sardinia is unique in that almost all delegates stay within the premises of the Forte Village resort, where comfortable facilities and the frequency of meeting colleagues from all over the world, offer a great opportunity for networking. The Sardinia scientific programme will be enriched by an exciting evening events calendar, including music shows, guided tours, sport activities, gala dinner and more.

Symposium Themes

  • Waste management policy and strategies
  • Need for appropriate and updated legislation
  • Public concern and education
  • WM assessment and decision tools
  • Producer responsability
  • WM solutions for large cities
  • Waste transport and collection
  • Waste minimization and avoidance: large scale implementation
  • Circular economy and realistic approach
  • Final sink for residual waste
  • Link between production and recycling operators
  • Biological treatment and energy production
  • Advances in composting and anaerobic technologies
  • Biofuels from waste
  • Thermal treatment and advanced technologies
  • Sanitary landfilling
  • Technologies (pre- and in situ treatment) for landfill sustainability
  • Landfill mining
  • Long term fate of landfill structures: rethinking the design
  • Integrated wastewater and solid waste management
  • WM and climate change
  • Contaminants fate in materials recycling
  • WEEE
  • Nanotechnologies issues in WM
  • Plastics littering: biodegradable plastics is the solution
  • WM in developing and low income countries
  • Design workshops for sustainable WM

For further enquiries and information on registration, exhibition, accommodation, etc, please contact the Organising Secretariat:


Via Beato Pellegrino 23

35137 Padova, Italy

Tel. +39 049 8726986

Fax +39 049 8726987

email: info@eurowaste.it