Institute of Technical Biocatalysis
Institute of Technical Biocatalysis

PhD Positions

No PhD positions available at the moment.

HiWi Positions

What is a HiWi? TUHH students are welcome to work as a HiWi, short term for german Hilfswissenschaftler or wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, at the Institute of Technical Biocatalysis. As a HiWi, you will assist a PhD student or postdoc scientifically in the different projects available at the ITB. Working as a HiWi provides insights in the everyday laboratory work and can close the gap between the theory out of lectures and the actual practical application of these. If you are interested, please check the ITB webpage for Hiwi positions. In case there are no positions available at the moment, write an email to Paul Bubenheim for further information.

Other Positions

No other positions available at the moment.