Curriculum Vitae of

Dr Eur-Ing Stylianos Rafailidis


  • 1976-1981    Diploma of Mechanical Engineering, Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki. Diploma Thesis: "Development of a 1 m2 Reflective Surface Experimental Field Heliostat". Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki (1981) 60 p
  • 1982-1984    MEngSc in Mechanical Engineering, Sydney University. Research Thesis: "Evaluation of a Wickless Heat-Pipe as Heat Extraction Device for the Sydney University Evacuated Solar Collector Tube". MEngSc Thesis, University of Sydney, Australia (1984) 84 p
  • 1984-1988    Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney. Research Thesis: "An Experimental Investigation of the Adhesive Behaviour onto Fabric Filter Acrylics of Coal Flyashes from Two Australian Power Stations". Ph. D. Thesis, University of New South Wales, Australia (1987) 265 p

Professional Activities

  • 1988-1992    Research Engineer at Surrey University, England: Flow Modelling in Fluidised Bed Combustors with Parallel Transputer Networks
  • 1992-1994    Research Engineer at Aristoteles University, Thessaloniki: CFD Modelling of Coastal Pollution Dispersion
  • 1994-1998    Research Engineer at the Meteorological Institute of Hamburg University: Wind Tunnel Modelling of the Wind Flow and near-ground Pollution Dispersion in complex Building Geometries
  • 1999-2000    Research Engineer at the National Research Centre „Demokritos”, Athens, Greece: CFD Modelling of near-Ground Flows and Pollution Dispersion above complex Ground Topography
  • 2000-2003    Staff Engineer of the Island Regional Direction of the Greek Electricity Company „D.E.I. A.G.”
  • Since 2004    Principal Engineer of the Institute of Energy Technology.

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) and the Fédération Européene des Associations Nationales des Ingénieurs (FEANI).

During 1989-91 Committee Member of the „Particle Technology Subject Group” of the British Institution of Chemical Engineers - IChemE.

Referee of the Australian Research Grants Council.