Welcome to the Institute of Energy Systems

Energy Systems are multifaceted, comprising conventional as well as renewable energy sources. For example, the energetic use of biomass, power plants or the thermal utilisation of solid wastes. As regards the Energy Transition, sectoral coupling is of particular significance.

The Institute of Energy Systems addresses themes that play a fundamental role in the Energy Transition. It thus contributes to the development of a modern, future-driven and economical energy supply system. Aiming at a Sustainable Energy Supply the focus is shifted towards increased utilisation of renewable energy, energy storage and alternative electricity transformation concepts. In the successful implementation of the Energy Transition until 2050 the coupling of energy sectors will play a fundamental role.

In the meantime, however, conventional power stations in the form of refuse combustion plant, biomass power stations or gas-fired plant remain indispensable pillars supporting the energy supply system. Consequently, in the Teaching of IET the focus is placed on relaying knowledge on key components (steam generators or steam turbines) and the optimal and efficient design of thermal power plant (thermal power stations or Combined Heat and Power plant).

In Research the Institute focuses on the simulation of energy systems, not only as simple generation facilities with particular operational characteristics, but also in view of their integration in supply networks under consideration of also economic constraints (e. g., electricity or heat tariffs). These simulations then yield realistic scenarios for the sustainable energy system of the future.

Through our internet presence you are invited to obtain a more detailed view on our present activities.

 Prof Dr-Ing Thorsten A Kern (acting Head)



IMPORTANT! Due to capacity limitations we are unable at present to accommodate any request for doctoral, postdoctoral or visiting activities/internships in IET!

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